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Why Whoever Still Wears a Facial Mask Is a Complete Idiot

Posted by M. C. on February 25, 2022

Do you think that if authorities determined that to attend a gym it would be mandatory to be dressed as a clown, society would accept it?

To answer my own question, I have no doubt that it would be accepted.

By Fernando Chiocca

A year ago I wrote an article explaining why wearing a mask was stupid. Today, as we enter the third year of the “15 days to flatten the curve”, I will explain why those who continue to wear a facial mask are no longer just stupid and can now be considered complete idiots.

First of all, “stupid” and “idiot” are not empty swear words, but adjectives with definite meanings that fit in countless situations, and masking is one of them.

As I said earlier, stupidity is something that accompanies humanity; everyone is stupid in many subjects, even the greatest geniuses in history were stupid in areas of knowledge that they did not master, or in their personal lives, etc. We can briefly say that stupidity is the sum of two factors; ignorance + innocence, which resulted in the stupidity of wearing a facial mask:

Ignorance; no one was obligated to know how a facial mask would work to prevent the transmission of a virus. Knowledge about PPE, virology, epidemiology, etc. was limited to a small group of professionals. The vast majority also ignored the real risk of the new coronavirus.

Innocence; in the face of this ignorance, most were extremely innocent to the point of trusting two of the greatest liars in history to provide them with the knowledge they lacked: governments (and supranational bureaucratic bodies) and the mainstream media. It was at this point that stupidity manifested itself in the widespread use of facial masks.

Given that masks are useless to prevent the transmission of a virus, wearing a facial mask because “authorities” or “media experts” told them to do so is tantamount to the stupidity of falling for the trick illustrated in a popular Brazilian folk tale. The tale of a redneck who visits the city of São Paulo and buys the Viaduto do Chá from a scoundrel cheater. The redneck is ignorant because he doesn’t know that the viaduct is public property that cannot be bought, and he is naive because he believes in a hack. So he is the stupid one in the tale.

What usually happens to those who fall into a scam is to learn: the person never falls into the same or similar scam. Now imagine if the redneck, after discovering that he fell for a scam and didn’t become the owner of Viaduto do Chá after giving his money to the crook, traveled to Rio de Janeiro and bought Christ the Redeemer from another crook. And after discovering that it was also a coup, he would travel to New York and buy the Statue of Liberty, and so on… for 2 years. I think everyone would agree that this hick is not just stupid, but a complete idiot.

The same reasoning applies to facial masks.

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