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MIT does not want to entertain the possibility that they may have made a huge mistake

Posted by M. C. on February 28, 2022

Steve Kirsch

I tried to give a talk about the science behind the COVID vaccines and mask wearing in the auditorium at MIT that I funded for $2.5M.

No dice. They won’t let me talk there. They suggested I give the talk at a different university.

See my original post: Is science dead? for the full story.

Stephanie Seneff is not an MIT faculty member

After my original posting, a lot of people suggested I ask Stephanie Seneff to sponsor me. In fact, if I had a dime for everyone who suggested Stephanie, I could retire 🙂

Stephanie and I are good friends (we talk all the time). She would do it if she were an MIT faculty member. But she isn’t.

I can tell you one thing though: it was absolutely stunning to me that she was the only person at MIT people suggested I ask. That in itself is remarkable.

The entire MIT faculty is wrong on this issue

There are over 1,000 faculty members at MIT and not a single one thinks the vaccines might be unsafe? Nobody?!?!?

OK, I can live with that. Apparently, they’ve all drunk the Kool-Aid at MIT.

But what is totally unacceptable is that they refuse to even consider the possibility that they could be wrong.

What ever happened to open-minded scientists?

I know that there are a few faculty members who believe I should be able to speak at MIT, but they are afraid of retribution from their peers. So they avoid the controversy by doing nothing. They won’t even let me publicly reveal who they are.

What’s even worse than that is that there are serious cases of vaccine injury at MIT that are not being reported

More on those stories later. They’ve been covered up.

MIT should be speaking out for what the science says, not actively suppressing scientific discourse.

MIT should be a leader in science. They should be saying the science does not support the use of the vaccine, the vaccine mandates, and mask mandates. That’s what a great science institution should do: look at the data and tell the truth.

MIT does the opposite. They refuse to even look at the data. They simply go along with the narrative and suppress anyone who questions whether the government is telling us the truth.


MIT is a heartless institution that will not face the possibility they are wrong. They just don’t want to talk about it.

They will not even acknowledge the vaccine injuries within their own community.

MIT used to be a great institution. Those days are gone.

Be seeing you

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