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8 things the Age of Fauci teaches us

Posted by M. C. on March 2, 2022

When even New York City abandons its vaccine passport system (it’s gone as of March 7), it’s over.

At least in the non-California United States, anyway.

There is plenty still to talk about on the COVID front, of course, and we have to make sure not only that existing restrictions are lifted but also that they can never return again.

At the same time:

It’s growing clearer that it’s time for me to return to a more diverse array of topics, along the lines of what I covered in these emails before March 2020.

I have an extremely diverse subscriber base. Some people agree with everything I say. Some are here for COVID only. Some came for COVID but stayed for the whole libertarian package.

Regardless of whether any of those describe you, I think we can all say we learned (or had reinforced) certain key things from all this, among them:

(1) There is something seriously wrong with the American establishment.

(2) The American establishment does not have your best interests at heart.

(3) There is something seriously wrong with the American medical establishment.

(4) A large percentage of the general public is prepared to go along with whatever the establishment demands of them, without the slightest hint of curiosity about whether it makes sense or not.

(5) Dissident voices may not always be right, but they’re right a lot, and they are demonized by fashionable opinion.

(6) Central direction by an elite of alleged experts who cannot be questioned is a bad way to organize society.

(7) We should never believe these people again, if we ever did. Everything they say must be scrutinized. They do not deserve the benefit of the doubt.

(8) We may disagree among ourselves, but I respect every single one of you who stuck with me along this journey, and regardless of what differences we may have from here on out I will listen to you with respect because you were right on the issue of our age — indeed of many ages.

Now, having said all that, I present to you the most recent episode of the Tom Woods Show, called “Russia, Ukraine, and NATO.”

I know that this audience is mature enough to listen to it without responding in the kind of bumper-sticker slogans I would see on cable news or in the New York Times.

It’s the most important episode of the year, for sure, and perhaps of many years.

It’s two grownups talking. Nothing juvenile here, no calling people “Putin lovers” or whatever else the pathetic children who form American opinion spend their time uttering.

Enjoy: And if you decide that this kind of work merits support, I give you lots and lots of goodies in return: Tom Woods

Be seeing you

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