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The End of Cryptocurrency Coming?

Posted by M. C. on March 9, 2022

by Martin Armstrong

I warned ion the private blog that cryptocurrencies may end up being suspended. The excuse will be Russia and the news is out now that Biden will sign an Executive Order to regulate cryptos because Russia can use it to circumvent sanctions. Not only is Biden authorizing the regulation of digital currencies, but he is also instructing to move forward with a central bank cryptocurrency. Once that is done, all other cryptocurrencies will be seized and folded into the government’s crypto. There will be no competition. Money historically has also been the Divine Privilege of Kings and Tyrants.

Biden is now proposing to ban all Russian Energy sales to the West. Prices will rise sharply still and Biden is blaming Putin claiming this is the “price of freedom” for Ukraine which is all BS so governments can avoid responsibility for the collapse in the supply chain thanks to COVID and their shutting down fossil fuels for Climate Change.

Now it is time to blame Putin for the continued rise in gasoline which is their agenda to save the planet. Their clock in NYC that they were telling the world we had only 7 years left if we did not ban fossil fuels is being accomplished under the pretense of “freedom” for Ukraine.

Macron desperately needs this war to fulfill his agenda and role in the grand scheme. Macron has been arguing for a European Army and they need this war to justify not NATO, but a new EU Army that is not bound by NATO rules and treaties. The EU Commission has been working on its proposal to establish a joint budget for the Eurozone since 2017, which is the endgame of federalization. The aim was to cement the monetary union in place and thereby prevent any more BREXIT nonsense from their view. Now they are pushing to issue an EU Bond and they are now using this war with Russia as a power grab to federalize Europe.

We now have private companies throwing Russians out in every possible context. The Russians have replaced the Jews of Germany. They are now regarded as swine and nobody should do any business with them whatsoever. This war is part of the Great Reset. They can no longer fund the governments and Keynesian Economics has collapsed. This is all part of the agenda and it is being carried out in sequence.

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