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They’re openly saying it now

Posted by M. C. on March 15, 2022

YouTube, which won’t allow adults to have conversations about COVID, has announced a fresh campaign of removing content, this time about Ukraine.

So in the midst of a war, when the truth is always hard to come by, you will have access only to the allowable sources — sources which, in the past, have done nothing but lie to you about overseas events.

In response, Glenn Greenwald commented: “Full-scale global censorship regime from Google breezily announced in these tweets. This war is being exploited to implement a scheme of information control previously unseen in the West, that is not going anywhere once this war is over. Decide for yourself if you’re comfortable.”

Now if I were to point out that no such campaign was launched in the case of dubious invasions by the U.S. regime, or regarding the situation in Yemen — which makes Ukraine seem like a Girl Scout convention — I would be accused of “whataboutism.”

But these are legitimate questions, because they prove that whatever the stated intentions of the censors, those cannot be their real intentions. If those who would protect us from allegedly dangerous information were truly moved by their superior moral sense, that moral sense would have prompted the same response to these other cases.

Since it didn’t, we can be sure that a pristine moral sensibility is not what is motivating the current fanaticism about silencing people.

Here is the YouTube announcement, via Twitter:
As I said last week: I think I’ve had just about enough of being told what I can and cannot read, what is and what isn’t “disinformation,” and naive people who think these designations are for our own good and being put to benign purposes.

I’m Armenian. I would not demand or expect YouTube to silence voices out of Azerbaijan, and I would be insulted if anyone thought I wanted such a thing.

And for heaven’s sake, if some people pointed out that Armenians weren’t exactly Boy Scouts themselves, I wouldn’t idiotically accuse them of being “Azerbaijani assets” or think name-calling was a substitute for argument.

Meanwhile, we have the hopeless Mitt Romney warning us about the “treasonous lies” of Tulsi Gabbard. “Treasonous lies” is regimespeak for dissident thoughts the establishment prefers the public not hear.

The establishment is getting more authoritarian and less tolerant of dissidents all the time.

Hence the ongoing value and importance of my no-censorship group, where freethinkers are still welcome.

It’s one of many goodies my good and kind supporters get.

See you there:
Tom Woods

Be seeing you

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