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Send In The Clown

Posted by M. C. on March 17, 2022

Making his entrance again with his usual flare.

Good Citizen

The clown of Ukrainian Oligarchs and American politicians’ sons is wrapping up his transatlantic tour of victimhood and grievance through the sacred halls of empire corruption. The western empire loves a victim with an evil oppressor to paint their animosities upon, especially if he’s a white male from Russia.

The clown used all the usual American buzzwords to stroke the neoconservative and neoliberal war mongers of the blood thirsty western hyena war den known as District of Counterglobalwarfareintoperpituity. He gave them the full reach around experience complete with Pearl Harbor and 9/11 references and even threw in a Martin Luther King Dream reference just before they climaxed.

War and death and suffering really gets them off when they’re not transferring the next ten generations’ of American taxpayer money to the corporate assholes who pay them back millions to get them elected.

The poor janitors of the Congressional hyena auditorium will be cleaning for weeks. The blood that was dripping from their mouths will require all the seats be reupholstered. Of course, they’ll just bill the taxpayers again.

For them it was worth it. It was worth every minute of the Clown’s performance. They acted like they didn’t know him, like he was a stranger in a strange land, like half of them haven’t visited him or him them in their hyena dens, on the cocktail circuit, at the cocaine clubs in Miami.

The clown played his role well. He pretended he didn’t know his audience. He made it clear that his handlers want more missiles and rockets and toys that will require more thank-you cards from Putin.

The clown put on his happy face by saying the skies should be closed over Ukraine. How noble. How heroic.

He’s not only willing to sacrifice a few thousand more Ukrainian civilians, he’s willing to turn the entire continent into rubble for the sake of his ego and pride. Both of which are directly connected to the aims of global management who own him and are negotiating a continuation of the war by all means because it is they who need a world war from which nothing will be left standing. Ashes and dust, the perfect conditions from which to ‘build back better’.

The latest negotiations were a hysterical farce. They’re so hellbent on keeping the war going, Putin could offer them all of Russia on a gold platter with a side of his own head and they’d refuse because they need more bodies, more shelled out buildings, more dead journalists killed by Ukrainian militias to be pinned on evil Russians. Most importantly they need Putin.

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