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Look who’s playing the victim now

Posted by M. C. on March 18, 2022

The American Journal of Public Health has just released a study about the suffering of — how about this — “public health officials” during the virus hysteria.

STAT, a health division of the Boston Globe, described the study’s findings this way: “Health officials said they were personally attacked, villainized, and their experiences often marginalized. Their work was, at best, underappreciated, and, at worst, blamed for broader problems.”

Folks, we have a crisis on our hands: public health officials may have been underappreciated.

People may even have devalued their work on Twitter.

According to the study, “Public health officials described experiencing structural and political undermining of their professional duties, marginalization of their expertise, social villainization, and disillusionment.”

Imagine. The public health establishment foisted anti-scientific voodoo on the public, destroying people’s mental health, interfering with crucial medical procedures, wrecking people’s livelihoods, decimating their savings, pitting families against each other, marginalizing dissidents (who far more often than not turned out to be right), and of course completely devastating the developing world, which genuinely could not afford any of this nonsense, and the public didn’t respond with unanimous huzzahs. How about that!

For the public health establishment, justly disgraced, to try to portray itself as the victim is really the icing on the cake of what they’ve done for the past two years.

We need more, not less, questioning of authority.

Unfortunately, that’s not what kids are being taught to do in the government’s schools.

Had Americans been raised as independent thinkers, what we laughingly call our public health establishment could never have gotten away with the nonsense of the past two years.

Tom Woods

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