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Is the Draft Being Reinstated in the US? Here’s a Tweet That Suggests It Is.

Posted by M. C. on March 29, 2022

Is it comforting to know that if your sons aren’t shipped overseas to die, they can work for FEMA instead?

Jeff Thompson

We’ve been covering the war in Ukraine. The Organic Prepper told you it was coming before it started. Now, it is here, and all signs seem to indicate that this thing is only going to expand aggressively.

Belarus and Moldova seem to be the next likely hotspots in Europe, and we now have at least 100k American troops in Europe.

It was widely touted as fake news when preppers began to talk about the serious threat of food shortages after 2020. The same has been said for those who discussed the very real threat of hyperinflation after Nixon took the United States off of the gold standard. In both circumstances, it seems as if we’ve finally reached the culmination of all the warnings.

Chaos is here.

And now, adding fuel to the fire, is a recent tweet by the Selective Service. You can see it below.

The tweet says, “In the event of a draft, our agency would partner with @fema to provide opportunities to conscientious objectors to ensure our nation keeps moving forward. Learn more about Alternative Service at…”

Does this not seem to be suspicious timing to anybody else? Here we are getting dragged into a war that we provoked and that Americans have zero interest in. There will always be fights, but that doesn’t mean we need to get involved every single time. This is not a fight that is our concern. Aside from the very real threat of death on American soil due to nuclear attackEMPcyberattacks (or perhaps, attacks on our food supply system?), we now have the very real threat of our sons and friends being sent off to die on a battleground in Europe.

And for what?

See the rest here

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