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CRISPR Technology: The Gateway to the New Breed of Unhuman Species

Posted by M. C. on April 5, 2022

I know for many people it sounds farfetched that government and healthcare leaders would participate in destroying human creation, but history and past wars prove pure evil reigns in incomprehensible ways—ways we cannot even begin to fathom because most of us were raised with a moral compass that dignifies human life.

By Dr. Igor Shepherd

The media and the world are focused on Russia’s WMD stockpiles and the threat of nuclear exchange, but the most lethal doomsday weapons of mass destruction which are being ignored by the media are gene-altering bioweapons in the form of vaccines, drugs and CRISPR science.

These sneaky types of warfare are worse than any weapon in history because psychological persuasion is used for dispersal, meaning the public is tricked into consenting to the bioweapon either as a necessary prophylactic for a virus or as treatment for a disease. Not only do these weapons have the capability to eliminate billions of people (which is already in progress through the mRNA Covid-19 vaccinations), but they can end the cycle of human life as we know it and refashion in its place a totally new breed of lab-engineered unhuman beings.

Whenever science or technology uses any method to tamper with the human genome, either wittingly or unwittingly, and manmade material is transported directly into the nucleus of a human’s cell, causing genetic changes to occur and alter the composition of the body’s original DNA, this is catalogued as a biological weapon. Under the 1975 Bioweapon’s Treaty, all bioweapons are illegal. Of course, per what we have witnessed the last few years in this mad world of coerced mRNA bio-vaccinations, it is obvious this treaty has been scrapped, and is no longer being upheld by the criminals running the nations.

Such bioweapons are brilliant strategies of warfare because they can render populations useless, with citizens unaware that vaccinating or using something as simple as nasal spray (something that should normally protect their lives) has led to their demise. Using bioweapons as prophylactics against viruses is like removing air bags from the dashboards of cars and reinstalling them in the backseat. There is never a safe reason to use bio-technology in vaccines or drugs.

Now, let me effectively throw a few curve balls and bring in some home runs on why mRNA vaccines are bioweapons and have nothing to do with protecting public health. First and foremost, a declaration of the Covid pandemic was based on fear propaganda and a non-existent coronavirus the Chinese tagged SARS-CoV-2. A pure unadulterated isolate from a human host was never provided by Chinese health officials or obtained by CDC. Later, to hike up deaths, hospitals were bribed with big money to report all flu-like symptoms as Covid, and CDC moved the annual flu cases and fatalities under the Covid column. The bogus PCR tests, performed en masse, showed a 100% false reading (which is why CDC did away with this test two years after establishing enough false readings to justify a pandemic). There was no need for vaccines because the virus did not exist, and if it did, by some sleight of hand trick, it was too mild to be a concern.

Was the pandemic deception all about big pharma and the government using vaccines as a means with which to get obscenely rich? Not a chance. Yes, big pharma and the government (FDA) have collaborated before in committing fraud against the public, such as the billions that were extorted from the deadly painkillers, OxyContin. Raking in barrels of profits certainly is part of the equation, but the real reason the makers of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines decided to violate international laws and use bioweapons on the population was to depopulate, taint human DNA, and jumpstart the transhuman agenda.

Bio-vaccines have already been proven to be effective weapons through the recent rollout of the Covid-19 vaccinations. Over 50% of the world’s population submitted to the mRNA jab, causing millions of injuries and deaths that are still ongoing. Recent news shows that 60,000-some excessive deaths occurred on vaccinated young people between the ages of 18 and 40 in just the latter half of 2021. These excessive deaths for this millennial group are up 84% and equal to war-like fatalities!

Swiss Policy Research, an independent nonpartisan research group, reveals that the median age of covid deaths is over 80 years old in most Western countries, with 50% of those deaths occurring in nursing homes. The mortality rate for these young people is no fluke. Mass deaths in such a short time cannot be coincidence—there is no other name to call it but targeted extermination.

Bio-vaccines are not new. They have been around for at least a decade. For example, China’s military has had weaponized vaccines nicknamed “Biological Time Bombs” stockpiled in their military for the last ten years. This was confirmed by Colonel Ji-Wei Guos, of the People’s Liberation Army, in his 2010 book entitled, “Bio-based War-Reconfiguring Military Strategy for a New Era.” Those bio-vaccines are obviously meant to be used as kill switches for their enemies.

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