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Uncle Sam’s Grand Delusion

Posted by M. C. on April 8, 2022

A plain reading of Mattis’ 2018 NDS, coupled with Trump’s actual Russia policy, confirms that Washington has been confronting China and Russia on two fronts since at least 2016. The 11th hour alterations to the 2022 NDS are a de facto continuation of this policy.

And it’s only driving Russia and China together—in further opposition to the West.

by Patrick Macfarlane

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On Monday, March 28, the Pentagon submitted its 2022 National Defense Strategy (NDS) to Congress. While the entire report remains classified, an unclassified fact sheet was released to the media. It identified the Pentagon’s four main defense priorities:

  1. Defending the homeland, paced to the growing multi-domain threat posed by the PRC.
  2. Deterring strategic attacks against the United States, Allies, and its partners
  3. Deterring aggression, while being prepared to prevail in conflict when necessary, prioritizing the PRC challenge in the Indo-Pacific, then the Russia challenge in Europe
  4. Building a resilient Joint Force and defense ecosystem.

The new NDS is the first since 2018, when General James Mattis declared, “inter-state strategic competition, not terrorism, is now the primary concern in U.S. national security.”

The 2018 NDS identified Washington’s four main competitors and split them into two categories: “revisionist powers” Russia and China, and “rogue regimes” Iran and North Korea. In its threat hierarchy, it placed Russia and China together at the top.

While the Pentagon’s 2022 strategy still names Russia an “acute” threat, it designates China as its “most consequential strategic competitor and [] pacing challenge.”

Although the Pentagon’s new grand strategy of “Great Power Competition” was declared only four years ago, its hubris is already apparent: the United States does not have the means to dominate the world, nor does it know how to do so.

The issuance of the 2022 NDS itself exemplifies this folly.

It is customary for a publicly available, unclassified summary to accompany the release of the classified NDS that is submitted to Congress. In 2018, the unclassified summary tallied fourteen full pages.

The full 2022 strategy, however, was submitted to Congress without a publicly available summary. Instead, the Defense Department provided a paltry two-page fact sheet.

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