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Corn Pop Mandates More . . . Corn

Posted by M. C. on April 18, 2022

By eric

Here’s a great way to reduce the artificially induced doubling of the price of a gallon of gas: Reduce how far a gallon of gas will propel your car.

That’s what Corn Pop just did by issuing a diktat – these are styled “executive orders” to make them seem less diktaty – that “gas” will henceforth be 85 percent gas rather than 90 percent. Another 5 percent of the stuff you pump will be ethanol – alcohol derived from corn.

Supposedly, this will reduce the cost of a gallon since ethanol is “renewable” and made right here, in the USSA. Actually, it will reduce the fuel efficiency of every car that burns it because alcohol contains substantially less energy (BTUs) than gasoline. So you’ll pay a bit less – maybe – but you’ll go less far.

And so, pay more often.

Isn’t it grand?

Corn Pop pays off the corn lobby – the agribusiness cartels that control the corn in this country – and Americans get to pay more, again.

They will also pay more in other ways.

For food, for instance. Corn diverted to make fuel means less corn for feed – for cattle. And chickens and pigs and every other iteration of livestock that eats corn. You’ll pay more to get to and from the store and while at the store, you’ll pay more for what’s in the store.

That’s what Corn Pop has in store for you.

See the rest here

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