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The Invasion of Humanoids Makes Me As Mad As Hell!

Posted by M. C. on May 5, 2022

By Gary D. Barnett

Entire societies have become bastions of hate, rage, and cynicism instead of caring individuals. Behavior today more resembles that of a zombie society than human; this only the beginning of this “Great Reset” agenda. What is to become of man if this effort by the powerful to divide, eliminate, and re-engineer humanity continues unabated? 

“All human beings are becoming humanoids. All over the world, not just in America. We’re just getting there faster since we’re the most advanced country.”

Howard Beale: “Network”

While most humans still walk and talk like humans, are they really human? Do most possess the capability for compassion, empathy, romance, classic art, love, understanding, music, family, and an undeniable and enthusiastic belief in life? Or do hate, indifference, and an acceptance of eugenics now consume humanity at levels never imagined? I should preface these thoughts by saying that most are not yet fully humanoid instead of human, but considering all that has and is going on today, will this dynamic of non-human behavior become the ‘new normal’ to such an extent as to alter forever the human species as we know it? Will you succumb to the efforts by the ruling class to destroy all humanity in favor of a non-feeling, non-earthly existence, based solely on a psychological, physical, and scientific altered state of being?

There is no way at this point to be absolutely certain, but have tens of millions of Americans and even billions around the world already taken the first step toward effectively becoming more non-human? All those who have taken these experimental poisonous bioweapon injections and ‘boosters’ wrongly called ‘vaccines,’ may have already begun the eugenic transformation desired by the master class of monsters known as the ruling ‘elites.’ This is obviously not a factual pronouncement of such a mass conversion, but the possibility is very real, because the long-term effects and reactions are at this time almost completely unknown. No one knows for sure what is in each and every vile of these injections, and they may never understand fully what they now have in their bodies. This knowledge alone should substantially frighten the compliant and gullible who have acquiesced to the egregious propaganda spewed by those in government, medicine, pharmaceuticals, ‘science,’ and the media, and consented to be injected.

The possible harm could come in multiple forms. Many could become sicker as time goes by and additional ‘booster’ shots are recommended or mandated. Many could become less able to fend off sickness, disease, and long-term side effects and adverse events, due to immune system destruction, and many could conceivably die; this something sought by the depopulation crowd in positions of power. Brain altering effects and mind-altering control processes are also possible depending on what ‘ingredients’ are actually being delivered by injection. All of this is speculation at this point, but the intellectually informed have very good reason to suspect any and every possibility considering what has happened to date. To ignore these potential maladies is extremely short-sighted, as the current state of adverse effects, sickness, and death is undeniable.

Consider also, the massive changes in attitudes and behavior that have befallen much of the population. Some or much of what is happening could certainly be due to taking foreign substance injections, but many of the mental changes and aggression could also be due to psychological manipulation as well. There is obviously much more hatred and division evident than there has ever been in the past. Much of this contention is purposely created by those seeking to divide the masses. The so-called racial divide has expanded beyond any reason, and is being constantly and intentionally stoked by government and media. This is not due to any credible racism growth, but is a tactic of psychological warfare aimed at entire populations. The same is true of the newly popularized ‘transgender’ movement, which is only due to manufactured hype, as the percentage of the population who claim to be ‘transgender’ is likely infinitesimal. Then there is the antagonist aggression between the ‘vaccinated’ and unvaccinated; a plot structured by those promoting the ‘covid’ lie scam. Now we have a renewed hatred of all Russians, due to the false flag conflict concerning Ukrainians. Everything is meant to create sides, so that all are against all, instead of advancing the idea of togetherness in spirit that would seem to be an authentic human response.

Consider the state allowed violence that has been evident throughout this fake ‘pandemic. Divisive and criminal groups like “Black Lives Matter,” and “Antifa,” have been allowed to commit horrible and even deadly acts of violence, while claiming false racism as their excuse, all sanctioned by the evil state players in charge. Homes and businesses burned to the ground, beating of innocent citizens on a regular basis, savage verbal and physical assaults levied across the country, with most not being prosecuted for these heinous crimes. The message sent by these state-authorized actions is that no lives matter, unless it is the current approved ethnicity of the day; this always about advancing nefarious agendas.

Consider the criminal acts of the state enforcers in this country and around the world. Police and military have committed brutal acts against people all around the globe; this due to mandated lockdowns, quarantines, forced restriction on all movement, travel, and behavior. 

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