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Yikes: The Brave New World of Genetically Modified People

Posted by M. C. on May 28, 2022

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

This story is about the hubris of conquest and genetic modification. Let’s start with the ugly. The richest people of the world, as well as their loyal servants from the World Economic Forum, are on the Genetic Modification team. According to the World Economic Forum, “the evolution of gene testing and gene editing will drive the future of healthcare.”

They really can’t sleep at night knowing that they have not yet stuck their fingers into every nook and cranny of the human body and efficiently monetized them! Here is a technical video from 2016 on “Harnessing Gene Editing for Multiple and Permanent Genetic Changes.”

I don’t know … somehow I am not excited. Besides, all of this sounds suspiciously like Manifest Destiny 2.0.

A Legal Framework for a “Mutant Apocalypse”?

In February 2022, Chile passed a law prohibiting employers to discriminate against genetically impaired employees. The bill was “initiated on a motion by the Honorable Senator Mr. Alejandro Navarro Brain.” In response, a lot of people in the freedom community started asking questions. Does somebody expect a great increase in the number of genetically impaired people? Why? Here is the law (translated):

“Article 1. — No employer may condition the hiring of workers, their permanence or the renewal of their contract, or the promotion or mobility in their employment, to the absence of mutations or alterations in their genome that cause a predisposition or a high risk of a pathology that may manifest itself during the course of the employment relationship, nor require for such purposes any certificate or examination that allows verifying that the worker does not have mutations or alterations of genetic material in his human genome that may lead to the development or manifest in a disease or physical or mental abnormality in the future.”

“Article 2. — The worker may express his free and informed consent to undergo a genetic test, in accordance with the provisions of article 14 of Law No. 20,584, as long as it is aimed at ensuring that he meets the physical or mental conditions necessary and suitable to carry out work or tasks classified as dangerous, with the sole purpose of protecting their life or physical or mental integrity, as well as the life or physical or mental health of other workers.

If these exams are required by the employer, the latter must assume the cost of it. Likewise, if there is a current employment relationship, the time used to carry out said exams will be understood as worked for all legal purposes.”

“Article 3. — Health establishments and laboratories that carry out this type of examination, as well as employers who access this information, must adopt all the security measures prescribed in Law No. 20,584 and in Article 12 of Law No. 20,120, in order to protect the privacy of the worker and guarantee confidential handling of the data. The worker will always have the right to access the information revealed by a genetic test.”

The law was published in the official gazette on February 16, 2022. The jury on why this law had to pass is still out. For background on the GMO industry in Chile, here is a “GMO-positive” analysis from 2016.

What Could Potentially Cause an Excessive Amount of Genetic Impairment?

See the rest here

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