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New York Times just let the truth slip

Posted by M. C. on June 4, 2022

When Jane Fonda said Covid was “God’s gift to the Left,” she gave everything away.

In case you doubted it before, doubt no longer. There are people who will exploit, or indeed in some cases even create, crises they can take advantage of to bring about the kind of radical social changes they favor.

If you read, for instance, what so many left-wing intellectuals in the United States were saying about the urgency of entering World War I, much of it had to do with the opportunity it would provide to create precedents involving the domestic use of political power, so as to acclimate Americans to a more vigorous and interventionist government at home.

It’s all right there in the New Republic magazine from those years. “Why should not the war serve as a pretext to be used to foist innovations upon the country?” the magazine demanded to know.

Then, too, there are people who want artificially high gas prices, because they think those high prices can pave the way for their so-called green future.

It is time to consider the possibility that the people in charge aren’t fools who don’t know what they’re doing, and are causing suffering by accident. They know very well what they are doing.

Woods, you say, that’s too cynical.

But if it were just stupidity, wouldn’t they occasionally, if even just by accident, do something sensible that doesn’t hurt the average person?

Mere stupidity isn’t this consistent.

Now we get this from the New York Times, just yesterday, letting us know that in fact price inflation can have a beneficial effect because it will lead us to the kind of society they want:

“Inflation has the potential to drive welcome change for the planet if Americans think differently about the way they eat. Climate change has motivated some to eat less resource-intensive meat and more vegetables, grains and legumes, but this movement has not reached the scale necessary to bring needed change—yet.”

Who thinks like that?

“Inflation has the potential to drive welcome change”? Get bent.

One of the worst parts about price inflation, though, is that most Americans have no idea what causes it. Some think it’s because of greedy corporations (which doesn’t explain why the price inflation didn’t start three years ago — were those corporations less “greedy” then?). Or they’ve bought into the nonsense that it’s a sign of a strong economy. Or some people just have an inchoate sense that it’s natural for things to get gradually more expensive over time, as if this is some law of the universe.

To the contrary, before the Federal Reserve took over, the general trend was for things to get less expensive over time.

The more we can shine a light on the Fed, the better. It thrives in darkness.

So remember, coming up very soon is the world premiere of the Money 2022 docuseries — which features normal people, rather than the lizard creatures who rule us.

You can watch the whole series for free if you register in advance. After that, they start charging for it.

What we are supposed to do in the current circumstances is a darn good question, and this series seeks to answer it.

The company making it is full of friends of mine, and has featured me in their documentaries as well. They have to deal with Big Tech censorship, so they rely on friends like me to spread the word about their important work.

Please click here to register for free:
Tom Woods

Be seeing you

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