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Public health’s DeSantis problem

Posted by M. C. on June 7, 2022

The lockdowners and mandaters have tried two strategies to explain away Florida’s health outcomes over the past couple of years.

(1) They’ve tried to claim that Florida has actually done very badly. It’s been hard to make this stick, though. People can see with their own eyes that there aren’t piles of corpses on the side of the road in Miami or Orlando.

Also, even if Florida were doing slightly worse than some other places, it should still be doing much, much worse after ignoring the entire public health establishment’s dire warnings.

And then people point out that you can’t compare Florida to California on raw numbers, because that’s apples and oranges. Covid is worse on people who are older, obese, or diabetic.

Correct for those population characteristics and there’s no difference between Florida’s outcomes and those of California.

(2) So some of them decided to abandon this approach and instead to claim that Florida must be fudging its numbers.

Stop and think about what an admission that is. Anyone arguing like this is essentially saying: if what we believe about “mitigation” strategies is true, Florida cannot possibly be doing this well. Therefore, the only explanation has to be that the numbers are fake. It isn’t that our Covid religion is wrong. It’s that Florida is deceiving us.

That’s a dangerous road to take. If Florida’s numbers can be shown to be accurate, where does that leave these people?

Well, the Inspector General just completed a full investigation of the claim and found nothing to support it.

Such a claim had been advanced by an employee named Rebekah Jones, and indeed I examined her allegations in an episode of the Tom Woods Show some time ago.

The lockdowners wanted and needed her story to be true.

But after interviewing a dozen people involved in Covid tracking in Florida, including Jones’s own superiors, no basis for the story could be found.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Some said she had told them she was pressured to alter Covid case and death counts, but her allegations didn’t make sense to them, not least because she didn’t have access to the raw data to do so. Ms. Jones, a geographer by training who previously worked on hurricane tracking systems, merely assisted with the Covid data’s online dashboard.”

With this story buried, what is left for those who can’t bring themselves to believe that Florida did well without Fauci?

My best guess is that they’ll be talking a lot less about Florida now.

And yet isn’t it funny: those people have absolutely no problem spreading their discredited ideas. They never have to wonder whether they should make that YouTube video or post that podcast episode. They get a free pass.

But those of us who can point to actual data and the real experiences of real places in the world? We have to sit in anticipation of the “disinformation” hammer.

Sometimes our people have been removed from entire platforms, as you well know, despite doing nothing wrong.

The same thing has happened to my friends at Revealed Films, who have done excellent documentaries on innocent topics like winemaking, but also controversial and forbidden topics like Covid.

They’ve had every outlet you can think of closed off to them, simply because they featured the wrong people.

(They’ve featured me, too, but I promise I wasn’t responsible!)

But they keep doing great work, and they keep managing to get around the censors.

Tomorrow is the world premiere of their Money 2022 docuseries — which features normal people, rather than the lizard creatures who rule us.

You can watch the whole series for free if you register in advance. After that, they start charging for it.

What we are supposed to do in the current circumstances is a darn good question, and this series seeks to answer it.

Please click here to register for free:
Tom Woods

Be seeing you

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