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Doug Casey on Why Woke Corporations Will Go Broke

Posted by M. C. on June 9, 2022

by Doug Casey

But we’ve now reached a point where those with serious psychological problems are trying—and succeeding—in actively imposing their values on society. It’s one thing to wrestle with your own demons. It’s something else again to try to influence, or even force, other people’s children and families to endorse or even mimic your aberrations.

International Man: There seems to be a concerted effort to blur the lines around gender. For instance, it’s now common for schools to introduce bizarre gender theories to prepubescent children. 

What is going on here?

Doug Casey: The reports are so bizarre and crazy that you’d think that they were made up, but apparently, they’re not.

Different societies throughout history have had different standards of morality and attitudes towards bringing up children and sexual morals. But at this point, in the West, the nuclear family itself, and everything that’s been considered traditional and normal, is under active attack. How else to explain Mayor Pete, the Secretary of Transportation, playing with his husband, or whatever he or she is? Or the bizarre tranny, Rachel Levine, sporting some kind of an admiral’s uniform? Or the new national Press Secretary, whose main qualification is that she’s a strident black lesbian?

However, this type of thing often happens when a society is heading towards collapse. The dissipated practices of Roman emperors like Caligula, Nero, Commodus, Caracalla, Elagabalus, and others gradually filtered down into the common people, and the Dark Ages followed. More recently, look at the things that went on in Germany after WW1, during the Weimar Republic. Sexual debauchery and moral (as well as economic) degeneracy ruled. These things destabilized society, evidenced by street fights and riots between the Nazis and the Communists. It all resembles what’s brewing in the US between the Red people and the Blue people. History rhymes.

My personal view has always been that if somebody is gay, bi, queer, trans, or whatever, it’s their business, not mine. It’s not something that the State should be involved in either. In fact, marriage between consenting adults of whatever real or imagined genders is none of the State’s business either. The State is here to provide protection from force and fraud. Period. It’s not here to enforce views on morality or customs.

But that’s not a commonly accepted view. In today’s world, hundreds of racial and sexual groups don’t just want freedom from oppressive laws. They demand special privileges and laws forcing others to observe them. They’re very vocal, screaming that it’s not enough for people with psychological aberrations of one type or another to simply be acknowledged and left alone, which is the most that anybody can—or should—ask from anybody else.

If, for example, someone is born with the apparatus of a male, and feels (an emotion) or thinks (an intellectual belief) that he should be a female, that’s his business. He should be able to change his clothes or surgically alter his body in any way to reflect that—as long as he doesn’t force others to pay for the process. He may be a perfectly good and normal human in all other ways. But it’s clear, at least to me, that he’s suffering from a serious neurosis, which I define as a stumbling block to getting along in life. It tells me that part of his mental wiring is askew. And maybe other parts are as well. In effect, it’s a warning to others, saying, “Caution: I’m unstable.”

Most neurotics recognize they have an abnormality and attempt to deal with it to limit its adverse consequences. Some, however, don’t want to. They openly dramatize their aberrations and act irrationally. If it’s serious enough, we call them psychotics. A psychotic is, in effect, wearing a sign saying, “Danger: I might seriously harm you, myself, or others. I may be a ticking bomb.”

A thoughtful and reasonable person keeps the appropriate distance from deranged individuals or groups.

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