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Those Nefarious Neocons, and Their Magnificent (F)Lying Machines.

Posted by M. C. on June 30, 2022

By Capt. Randall

As a detached observer, every life form on Earth is here for a reason, possesses a sovereign right to be and is essential to my existence. Plants, animals, bacteria and even this humble hominid deserve respect since we all live and breathe in the web of life. No group should own another; that’s slavery, rape and the egregious egocentric power over life and death.  Yet phony religions, oppressive governments and organized criminals have assumed such powers over the millennia. Earth will remain a planet of killer-apes until this institutionalized spell is broken.

As pro & con Roe v. Wade protests dominate the news cycle, angry Americans are distracted, divided and misdirected yet again.  They chase mice like kitty cats while ignoring the gorilla rampaging in the room.  Though I detest abortion and champion personal rights, is it not possible to hold two or two hundred opposing thoughts simultaneously? Emotions never ran this high while the demonization of Russia and collusion with China went on for decades.  Our hostile propaganda and aggressive intent openly threatened these giants with sanctions, proxy wars and surreptitious conspiracies.  Threats create defensiveness until spitting and pissing contests come to blows.

The point is that we value some lives more than others.  Death wears a thousand faces. Wars, famines, preventable disease, natural disasters and media-anxiety fatigue claim more lives than aborting fetuses by the numbers. If ever a late late term “abortion” was called for it is to suck-out a neocon infected administration from Washington that is driving our empire toward oblivion.

Protests only occur over approved back-burner issues, and then only when provoked by paid participants and FBI assets.  Notice the printed T-shirts and signs?  The rabble didn’t instantly create em out of thin air. The media wasn’t Johnny-on-the-spot with spin and identical talking points by accident.  The mood of the nation was handed us and tweaked on the fly with “improved” versions.

Russiagate may have started as a Clintonite political ploy, but it hardened the view of Putin as an arch enemy.  Sanctions followed, being preliminary acts of war accompanied by belligerent rhetoric and coalition building (of the duly extorted willing). Loud-mouthed war mongers fan the flames until neocon initiatives bear fruit and all opposition is censored and squashed being branded “unpatriotic.” Common sense and public opposition are always late to the ball because criminal entities always strike first, always attack by surprise, always lie, always deny and always shift blame.

How many millions have been killed or forced to emigrate because of our war machine?

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