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Is It All Up to India?

Posted by M. C. on July 7, 2022

India has stood firm in its position of not being pulled from a multipolar world into the US led unipolar world. If the US cannot use divisions with China to pull India from Russia onto its side, it may face a large and muscular competitor in the global tug of war.

by Ted Snider

In the global tug of war between a US led unipolar world and a Russia-China nurtured multipolar world, whichever side India throws its massive size behind will likely prevail, or at least not be defeated.

On the one side of the rope is the US with all its political, economic and military muscle. On the other is Russia and its massive and growing strategic partner, China. In the middle is India, the second largest country in the world and a growing power.

India maintains a friendly foot in both worlds. Long a partner of the US in containing China, India long played that same role for Russia, with whom it has long been a key friend. India is a member of the US led QUAD, whose purpose is to contain and deflate China while asserting US leadership over the management of Asia. There have been times in the twenty-first century when the US plan for pressing China back down has included nurturing India’s ascent to a major world power so it could be deputized as a reliable hegemon in the region. Today, still, the key to the QUAD is bringing India over to the US side.

But India is also a long and very close partner of Russia, and its relations with China have been improving for decades. It is a member of the QUAD but has restrained that organization. It has participated in it and supported it but maintained, unlike its American, Japanese and Australian partners, that the QUAD is “not against somebody.” Though India has regional concerns about China over which it opposes it, it lacks America’s global concerns about China and may not be “against” it. India has its own concerns about its giant neighbor but does not share American concerns of containing it.

Instead, India is also a member of important international organizations in which it joins Russia and China in containing, or balancing, US hegemony. India is an important and enthusiastic member of both the BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), whose purpose is to act as an economic and foreign policy counterweight to the US in an attempt to re-balance the US led unipolar world into a multipolar one. 

India is not only a member of BRICS, which includes Brazil and South Africa, it is also a member of the core RIC group along with Russia and China. In a recent landmark Joint Statement, Russia and China announced that they “intend to develop cooperation within the ‘Russia-India-China’ format.” India, too, has said that they would join Russia and China in discussing “further strengthening of RIC trilateral cooperation.” Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has noted that part of the role of RIC is “in promoting trust and confidence between India and China.” That role is the antithesis of the US goal of exploiting divisions between India and China to bring India over to the US side.

The current template the US has imposed on the world no longer allows for neutrality.

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