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Source of all evil: woke HR departments

Posted by M. C. on July 20, 2022

At this point most people, if able to speak freely, would probably say they’re a bit tired of the whole “woke” charade, and wish everyone would just lighten up.

And yet the “woke” thing is all over the corporate world, with the driving force being that source of all evil, the HR department.

That’s all right, people tell you: you can just go get a job at a non-woke corporation.

Here’s the problem:

There are no non-woke corporations.

Yes, I’ll bet someone here and there can send me the odd exception. But what would be the point? We all know it’s the odd exception.

Why should this be? Why is the entire corporate world, in its public statements and its internal culture, to the left of almost everyone?

There is an explanation, it turns out, and we discuss it in the most recent episode of the Tom Woods Show.

I feature a guest who lost his job after his politically unpopular social media posts were discovered.

He decided that instead of trying to worm his way back into the corporate world, he would take the opportunity to pivot into something else.

Now he helps people who want to exit the corporate world (because of the politics, because it’s sucking the life out of them, because they’re miserable — whatever the reason) and helps them flourish even more on their own.

So I devoted an episode to the problem of the woke HR department, the kinds of occupations that help you avoid them, and how, if you choose, you can escape a career that’s killing you.

Tom Woods

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