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Biden must ‘stop the fall in gasoline prices,’ set $5 gallon minimum to combat climate change: Bloomberg op-ed

Posted by M. C. on July 21, 2022

The point is you have to suffer to make Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and George Soros happy. David Rockefeller is likely smiling wherever he is.

Joe Silverstein

Bloomberg opinion published a piece Wednesday calling for President Biden to increase gas prices, intentionally and forever, in order to hasten a transition to alternate forms of energy. The op-ed, written by columnist Eduardo Porter, called for a “$5-a-gallon floor on gasoline prices.” 

Porter described the policy as “one bold move” that would put a “real dent” in “the emission of heat-trapping carbon dioxide that is causing such havoc with the weather,” although he admitted it was unlikely the president would make it.

“As any economist will tell him, the most efficient way to reduce fossil fuel consumption is to raise its price relative to alternatives, encouraging people and businesses to switch to cleaner sources and use less energy altogether,” Porter wrote.

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