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Will PS Audio abandon traditional power supplies?

Posted by M. C. on July 31, 2022

Another MCViewPoint Public Service Announcement.

SMPS or Switch Mode Power Supplies are all the rage today. Is PS Audio joining the crowd?

Switch mode power supplies are popular because they are small and cheap to make. It all fits on a chip. Most wall warts are SMPS. Schiit Audio advertises their wall wart is a linear PS which is the traditional design. If your AC is crap (flickering lights, line noise), linear is the way to go but aftermarket units (SBooster, Shanti, Swagmanlab) tend to be pricey. I have replaced a couple wall warts with IFI Ipower wall warts which claims to use noise cancellation technology with no mention of being linear. My AC mains is decent so I can make no claims of obvious benefit. I figure all the little stuff adds up, especially with headphones. Furman power supply and ferrite cores on the AC plug wires. Cheap.

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