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Posted by M. C. on August 11, 2022

How to Build a New Country from Scratch

We have a problem. Bureaucrats and politicians were never supposed to have this kind of power.

But somehow, they gained dictatorial control over whether you are allowed to run a business, go to church, or even leave your home.

Long before COVID, governments and politicians stretched the limits of their control over you—from alcohol prohibition to civil asset forfeiture, from the draft to the income tax.

But COVID proved how quickly a relatively free country can turn into a dictatorship—looking at you especially, Australia.

Being locked out of the grocery store, having your funds frozen, and your utilities shut off if you don’t OBEY has become a real possibility.

Most major institutions—healthcare, education, media, big tech—are happy to help governments oppress the people. Others stand by powerless or unwilling to stand up for individual freedom.

How do you think these institutions will act when things get really bad?

We cannot trust them, and we cannot rely on them.

Now inflation is robbing you, crime is rising, and the supply chain is quaking.

Education has turned to indoctrination, and big tech can exile you from online communities, or even financial services.

They will not give us our freedom back. We must take it back ourselves.

But we can’t do that through their rigged system.

We must build alternatives.

That’s why we need to build parallel societies…

Self-reliance is key to resisting coercion. If you don’t have control over necessities like food and shelter, you are easier to extort.

But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone…

The rest is here

Be seeing you

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