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A Man Has 4 Options in Today’s World

Posted by M. C. on August 26, 2022

By Robert Slye
Man and War

Which Will You Choose?

American civilization is on the verge of collapse. It is plain to see that the goal of American government is to turn us into barbarians, as it has been doing for 240 years.

Because of this, a man has 4 options in today’s world:

Option #1 – Pay attention to the collapse and be ground into dust
This man watches the daily happenings of the clown class. He gets upset at the actions of those in power. He is always frustrated with how things are. He sees obvious ways to improve upon our societal situation. Maybe he writes about them, maybe he tells his neighbors, maybe he mumbles under his breath. Either way, he spends his time in a stupor of anger, or shock, incredulous as to what is happening.
The problem with option #1 is that it only hurts the man. Nothing is improved, nothing is done to change the direction of things. He grows weary and exasperated being angry all the time. He is made to be weak. Until he goes to option #2 or #3.

Option #2 – Don’t pay attention to it and enjoy life
There is a lot to be said about this option. You didn’t create the political and cultural decadence we live under. We didn’t choose this system, or even agree to it. Let those in power continue to screw up. Let those who want to pay attention to those in power continue too. But not us.

A man choosing this option refuses to pay attention…refuses to give the system any energy, thought or time. He is content to get the most enjoyment out of life…to raise his kids as well as he can…to follow and stand up for Christ at all times…to be an example to others…to be happy and not worry about how politics and the federal reserve are destroying American civilization. He inoculates himself the best he can against the negatives from a degrading society and then proceeds to live. “Life is made to be felt as a joy,” as Nock said. He enjoys life until they come to put him in the camps. Then he tries to wriggle free.

Option #3 – Become a revolutionary

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