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America’s Secret Government by Proxy

Posted by M. C. on September 2, 2022

Jigsaw was only able to find thirty-five former white supremacists globally. Jigsaw has access to data on billions of users via Google and YouTube’s data advantages. These meager findings did not deter the administration’s appeals to emotional arguments with anecdotes of extremism. Merely four instances of domestic terrorist attacks are used across a twenty-six-year period (in a country of 340 million), and the Capitol Hill instance was one of the four.

Kelly Offield

There are 1,271 counterterrorist, homeland security, and intelligence organizations; 1,931 private sector analogues; 10,000 locations of these organizations; and ~854,000 people with top-secret security clearances as of 2010. To make matters worse, the line between private and public is obscure in this industry.

This massive effort requires massive tax collection. Since government endeavors do not compete and do not participate in reciprocal exchanges, then they have no profit-and-loss test to determine if their efforts are worth the money taken from citizens. Additionally, since only the free market can determine prices, government endeavors must continually disseminate propaganda to convince citizens that the endeavor is useful.

Interestingly, officials in this industry have explicitly admitted that reports from government agencies are not trusted by the public, so the tactful solution is to hire someone to produce those reports that would have otherwise been produced by the government agency itself. Since security state agencies cannot produce evidence that their services are needed, they hire private businesses and nonprofits to disseminate their propaganda for them.

Naturally, the need to justify the existence of government—propaganda—evolves into techniques to disseminate that propaganda in addition to censoring opposition to it. Therefore, a proxy government is established—a front for the actual government to do what it wants to do but otherwise cannot. This also sets the stage for information control:

How to control Information:

  1. Stop ideas (censorship)
  2. Force other ideas (redirection)
  3. Justify this control (propaganda)

The US government has incentivized a group of organizations to do just that. “Big tech censorship” and other control measures were not the result of free-market phenomena.

The think tanks that refer to themselves as “counter-violent extremists” (CVEs) are America’s proxy government responsible for censoring, shadow banning, ad feed tampering, search result manipulation, and “racism/extremism” deception.

Our Proxy Government

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