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Swiss Social Media Abuzz Over ‘Rat Out Your Neighbor’ Energy Use Posters

Posted by M. C. on September 12, 2022

And while the poster above may be fake, a DEF spokesperson told Blick that “if the infringement was reported and checked and could then be proven,” they may take action against violators.

Precisely, checks are not excluded, especially if one is denounced by a disgruntled neighbor or a neighborhood vigilante who is a little too zealous.

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As Switzerland takes drastic measures to reduce its gas use this winter – including fines and up to three years in prison for citizens who violate new regulations, a viral poster circulating on Swiss social media telling citizens to rat out neighbors heating their homes above 19C (66.2F) has raised eyebrows.

“Does the neighbor heat the apartment to over 19 degrees? Please inform us,” reads the poster currently circulating on messaging services such as Signal and Telegram, according to Swiss media.

This poster is currently causing confusion and indignation among the population.

Except, it’s fake.

See the rest here

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