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Russia’s Draft and America’s Draft Registration

Posted by M. C. on October 1, 2022

by Jacob G. Hornberger

I find it fascinating how often Americans are being reminded of how similar the United States and Russia have become. 

First, there was the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Hey, the U.S. does invasions too. Afghanistan and Iraq come to mind.

Second, there was the recent arrest, prosecution, conviction, and 9-year jail sentence for Brittney Griner for violating Russia’s drug laws. Hey, the U.S. has drug laws too and also sends people away for long periods of time for drug-law violations.

Third, trade restrictions, travel restrictions, and immigration controls. 

Fourth, a central bank, fiat (i.e., paper) money, and legal-tender laws.

Fifth, a government-regulated and government-managed economy, including minimum-wage laws.

We could also mention torture, indefinite detention, mass secret surveillance, tribunals, and state-sponsored assassinations. Both regimes engage in all of them. 

And now there is the draft. Russian President Vladimir Putin is resorting to conscription to force Russian men to go and fight in his war against Ukraine. Thousands of Russian men are now fleeing the country to avoid being drafted.

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