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Shock: a non-depressing email

Posted by M. C. on October 26, 2022

Is change coming? If so, how long before it degenerates? After all, this is government.

I thought you should see this.

A member of the Tom Woods Show Elite often shares with us his excellent and copious notes on conferences he attends and podcast episodes he listens to. He just shared his notes on the recent Children’s Health Defense conference in Knoxville. (Children’s Health Defense is RFK Jr.’s organization.)

It’s not entirely grim and depressing, so I thought it might be a nice change.

Here’s what he shared with us:

There was a showing last night of Part 1 of the movie The Real Anthony Fauci. RFK Jr. said it was the first time he had seen the movie.

In the Q&A period, he was asked about the upcoming election. RFK Jr. said he expects the Republicans to sweep the election and take over the House and the Senate. He expects this will cause the Covid fanatics in DC to back off. They won’t apologize, but will admit “mistakes were made.” He said you see that happening now. 

He said both Ron Johnson and Rand Paul will become committee chairmen with jurisdiction over Covid once Republicans take over the Senate. He said it was one thing for Fauci to push out his content-free chatter when Rand has only 5 minutes to ask questions. It will be a very different thing when Fauci or the CDC sock puppets are forced to testify for hours, being forced to answer hard questions under oath on unredacted documents. It is coming. 

RFK Jr. said he had talked with Ron Johnson by phone the day before. He said the Republicans in a private meeting were all celebrating the crummy 
Lancet article that claimed that mRNA vaccines saved millions of lives. (The Lancet article was a worthless simulation with nutty assumptions.) 

He warned the audience that the CDC/FDA/etc. are corrupt from top to bottom. He joked that he was not pushing to burn the CDC to the ground, but that perhaps we should leave one foot of the building intact! He said Big Pharma owns the regulatory agencies, and funnels huge campaign money to Republicans and Democrats. We still have a huge battle ahead of us to take down the bad guys. 

That tied into another question on the 1986 Vaccine Act that gave immunity to Big Pharma. He said even with the expected Republican wave in November, we do not have the votes to get rid of the liability protection on vaccines. Big Pharma does not want this to happen, and they control the votes in Congress. We have more work to do there. 

CHD has about 60 lawsuits under way now. They use lots of “big game hunters” (their phrase for outside consultants) to assist the in-house legal team. This included people like Robert Barnes. RFK Jr. said they are looking at using the fraud exposed in the Pfizer vaccine trials as a way of getting around the liability protection in the 1986 Vaccine Act. He thinks that is the best avenue for holding Pfizer accountable.

Is RFK Jr.’s optimism justified? We’ll see. But I definitely want those hearings.

Meanwhile, the free viewing period for the movie is coming to an end, and they’ve just posted part 2 (which I have not seen yet but can’t wait to), so definitely don’t miss The Real Anthony Fauci:
Tom Woods

Be seeing you


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