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You’re Fighting For Survival

Posted by M. C. on October 27, 2022

By Allan Stevo

While you are hemming and hawing about helping a candidate, your adversary is playing for keeps and on every front. 

You are seeing the plan for you play out on the world stage. 

Alex Jones must be destroyed because he can’t be controlled. 

Donald Trump must be destroyed because he can’t be controlled. 

Kanye West must be destroyed because he can’t be controlled. 

If you can’t be controlled, similar plans for you are not far behind. Realizing this, you might understand why I say complete and total victory on all fronts is needed. 

There’s a common libertarian trope, a common conservative trope, a common Christian trope that voting does not matter. 

It was a trope of a different era. It was a trope from the era that brought about our present era. 

It was a trope created by a free people who thought freedom was their birthright that they would have to put no work into preserving. Freedom was their birthright. Like any other thing of value, you have people who will seize it from you when given the opportunity. 

You either must stand on guard or else you come to a time like the time we now know. 

Virtually every institution in society now operates for your demise.

I am not just talking about voting. I am talking about an attitude. I am talking about doing everything you can. I am talking about fighting to advance freedom on all fronts and with as much power as you can muster. That is what is needed of you. 

At such a moment you can pretend that your participation matters not at all. 

You are on social media, which is exactly where they want you. You are watching internet broadcasts that get you well-informed enough to watch more, which is exactly what they want of you. You are outraged, which is exactly how they want you. Listen to me — it does not matter a lick how outraged you are unless you do something about it. 

Action is all that matters. 

I know you may have some objections to voting. 

•Perhaps you are unable to get beyond the math of elections. I get it. Most elections aren’t decided by one vote. 

•Perhaps you hate the collectivism of it. Your single vote probably doesn’t mean much. I get it. 

•Perhaps you know the elections are not accurate. I hear that. I have been around elections since childhood, I have worked elections in most American states, and I have been an international election monitor in a number of countries. I can tell you plenty of stories about how inaccurate the results are. 

All of those complaints you are right about. You probably have other good complaints too. And if I wanted you to only vote, those would be good complaints to shut me up with, but that’s not what I want. 

My complaint is with your participation in your demise. 

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Be seeing you


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