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We cannot just forgive and forget

Posted by M. C. on November 1, 2022

You may remember the name Clifton Duncan from the Tom Woods Show. If not, I’ll tell you a key thing about him at the end.

For now, I’ll tell you this: he has been a very accomplished stage actor, and he is black.

Here’s something he just wrote:

If I were a White Supremacist, I wouldn’t say so publicly.

Instead I’d use the education system, pop culture, and the press to demoralize generations of Black people into a sense of Learned Helplessness, so that their entire lives are spent seeking validation from Whites. 

I’d utilize the education system to indoctrinate young Blacks into believing that Whites are so omnipotent that even those who are long dead still exercise influence over their destiny.

This would create an inferiority complex from a young age. 

I’d have popular Black celebrities use their massive influence to constantly reinforce the message to their young fans that they’re oppressed, slaves to the caprice and cruelty of Whites.

This would strengthen their inferiority complex.

I’d have journalists frame every story through a racial lens, even where no evidence of racism exists, to stoke Black rage.

I’d lie about officer-involved shootings, for example, further inflaming tensions with cops (which would lead to more shootings…and higher ratings). 

I’d also attack Black families, but not overtly. Instead, I’d fund organizations who view Black men and fathers as superfluous, and who want to “deconstruct” the family.

By the way, the founders of such organizations would live in luxury, while everyday Blacks continue to struggle.

Moreover I’d give book deals, Genius Grants, TV hosting gigs, and Pulitzers to bourgeois Blacks, who’d then (despite being examples of Black success) further reinforce notions of Black oppression & White Superiori–pardon, “Supremacy.”
Finally, with all the above pieces in place, I’d easily win votes by convincing thoroughly demoralized Black constituents that I, and only I, can solve the problem of racism…even if my party has been in power for decades, and has done nothing to improve Black lives. 

The White Supremacists of today must be much more subtle and sophisticated than the crass, violent Oppressors of the past.

Complete domination and control of the Black mind, and by extension the Black vote, is all that is needed now.

Whips and chains are no longer necessary.

As you can see, he’s a smart and insightful guy.

Here’s what you may not know: they ruined his life over a the Covid shots, which were made mandatory for Broadway actors and which he refused to take.

Duncan was genuinely on his way professionally, getting rave reviews for his performances and having trained in the most prestigious settings in the world.

Now, because of these SOBs, he’s back to waiting tables. A grotesque injustice.

In case you missed it, here’s where he shared his story with me. He is truly a man of principle, and this is one of my favorite Tom Woods Show episodes of all time:
Now although it’s Halloween, the only thing you truly have to fear is missing out on the delicious demolition of a certain Anthony Fauci, whose regime is responsible for what happened to Clifton Duncan.

That demolition takes the form of RFK Jr.’s documentary film The Real Anthony Fauci, which will be available to view for free for just 24 hours more. 

I thought I knew it all, but even I was shocked by it.

This is the fight of our lives, my friend, so take the time to understand exactly what we’re up against:
Tom Woods

Be seeing you


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