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Here’s Why We’re Going Back to Coal… – International Man

Posted by M. C. on November 5, 2022

Another US foreign policy success story. Is this some sort of weird plan to convince the EU to attack Russia?

by Chris MacIntosh

Wouldn’t it be ironic that the push towards Net Zero results in more, rather than less emissions and environmental destruction? We have discussed the delusional idea of burning wood to generate electricity or produce heat. Cutting ancient European forests for energy? Geniuses!

We remind ourselves that in Europe bioenergy (burning wood) generates about 50% more electricity than solar and about half as much as wind.

But there’s a teensy problem with “biodiesel” as it’s called by the tree huggers: trees. Cutting them down, dicing the wood up, compacting it, and then burning it. Oh wait, I missed a step. Labeling it “biomass” so as to ensure it keeps the eco-mentalists happy.

What has become obvious is that Europe can’t burn more trees to produce electricity. It is not “sustainable.” If anything, tree burning will likely collapse over the next few years as this stuff becomes exposed.

So what?

Well, Europe’s energy crisis is going to be bigger than the press of popular opinion would have us believe. What energy source is going to make up the shortfall? In the long term, the only realistic source is nuclear power, but that will require about two decades (it takes that long to build a nuclear power station) and in the short term it is coal.

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