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US Says Executing POWs Is Not a Big Deal

Posted by M. C. on November 22, 2022

Go to Unz Review link if video doesn’t work. Not pleasant.


“Videos showing Ukrainian servicemen ruthlessly shooting unarmed Russian POWs have been widely circulated in social networks… further proof of the crimes committed by Ukrainian neo-Nazis, Ukraine’s gross violation of int’l humanitarian law.” — Zakharova

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It’s our values in a democracy to execute POWs.


The Russian embassy in Washington has said that the US is enabling Ukrainian “neo-Nazis” to act with impunity by downplaying evidence of their atrocities, adding that US officials risk blowback from the policy, it warned.

The statement released on Monday came in response to comments made by Beth Van Schaack, the US ambassador-at-large for global criminal justice, about videos of the summary execution of Russian soldiers captured by Ukrainian troops.

A clip apparently shows the Russians surrendering and lying down on the ground. Another shows what looks like a Russian soldier appearing at the scene and discharging his firearm. The final clip is of Russian troops lying on the ground in pools of blood, apparently dead from gunshots to the head.

Ukraine claims that the videos show a false surrender by the Russians, with the intention of taking their captors by surprise.

Oh, right – they were disarmed, lying face-down on the ground, but planning to pop up, grab guns, and shoot the Ukraine people. The Ukraines were defending themselves from people with no guns lying face down on the ground.

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