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Good Riddance: Elaine Luria’s Exit From Power

Posted by M. C. on December 2, 2022

The congresswoman spent her brief tenure on Capitol Hill swimming in donations from weapons manufacturers and advocating for war, and now she’s out of a job

Congress: Two sides, same coin

Lenny Broytman

Elaine Luria epitomizes the rot of the Democratic Party.   

For all of its fearmongering and virtue signaling about the existential dangers of allowing control of our government to slip into Republican hands, the DNC is comprised largely of individuals who very closely resemble their pals on the right. Luria, who has represented Virginia’s second congressional district since 2018, is the poster child for this brand of Republican-lite governing. In January, she’ll be a private citizen once again.

Luria wasn’t exactly a household name during her time in Congress, but gained a lot more visibility this year with her role on the January 6th Committee. In many ways, it is this part of her resume that makes Luria such a fascinating breed of Washington insider. She was able to clear the easiest, least controversial bar imaginable – yes, Luria acknowledged that violently storming the Capitol to overturn the results of an election is bad – but is a dangerous, right-of-center war hawk by nearly every other standard.

Luria is far from alone. Many other Democrats in the beltway fit this mold, which makes calling out the largely imaginary distinction between the two parties extremely important.

On the heels of her loss to Jennifer Kiggans, the nurse practitioner who’d served in the Virginia Senate, let’s examine who Luria actually is and what this hawkish, dangerous representative stands for.


The military-industrial complex is an animal that roams nationwide but Virginia is the belly of the beast.

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