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A headsup from a friend regarding the Brunson Brothers supreme court case.

Posted by M. C. on December 15, 2022

patriots call to action.

PETITION 22-380: The Brunson SCOTUS case COULD be 

THE MOST IMPORTANT CASE IN U.S. HistoryWith this “first impression ruling” the SCOTUS has a historic opportunity to reestablish the accountability built into the oath to the Constitution.

We are asking that over “One Million” letters be sent out to SCOTUS.

Date, Sign, Print, and Send THIS LETTER before December 31st.

Share with friends and family encouraging them to also send a copy to the Supreme Court requesting this petition be granted.

Click here to view/download Brunson Case Overview.

Click here to view our Regular Home Page and read more about Nebraska Voter Accuracy Project.

Contact us for more info on getting involved as a Nebraska Patriot for Voter Accuracy.

Be seeing you


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