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Should Christians Vote for Marijuana Legalization? – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on December 22, 2022

No one should have to vote to legalize marijuana. Freedom should be the default position

By Laurence M. Vance

In the recent midterm election, voters in 37 states also had the option of deciding on 132 statewide ballot measures. Five of those ballot measures were related to marijuana. Two of them passed.

Recreational marijuana is now legal in Missouri and Maryland, bringing the total number of states where it is legal to 21. In 14 of those states, recreational marijuana was legalized via a ballot measure. Ballot measures to legalize the recreational use of marijuana failed to pass in Arkansas, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Medical marijuana has been legalized in 37 states. In 18 of those states, medical marijuana was legalized via a ballot measure.

The question before us then is this: Should Christians vote for marijuana legalization? Should they vote for the legalization of medical marijuana and recreational marijuana, should they vote for just the legalization of medical marijuana, or should they vote against all marijuana ballot initiatives?

Most Christians vote. Although I am a Christian, I don’t vote, which puts me in the minority. In some conservative churches, voting is almost looked upon as being in the church’s statement of faith—as long as one votes Republican.

Conversely, most Christians don’t use marijuana—and especially for recreational purposes. I don’t use marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, which puts me in the majority. However, I don’t think marijuana should be illegal, which not only puts me in the minority, it makes me a heretic in some circles.

When I say that most Christians vote and that most Christians don’t use marijuana, I mean most Christians, whether liberal or conservative, Catholic or Protestant, evangelical or mainline, or progressive or fundamentalist.

So, if most Christians vote, and most Christians don’t use marijuana, then it seems intuitive that most Christians would not vote for marijuana legalization.

They should.

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