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General Washington’s Christmas Message for Those Complying with The Great Reset

Posted by M. C. on December 26, 2022

In the current unrestricted war by globalists seeking to dismantle human civilization, there may be no indispensable men at this time. Or at least none has arisen. I’d have to imagine if Washington were alive today, he’d have organized a sort of Continental Army by now, and we’d know who he is. Soldiers marched barefoot and bloody, at the tail end of the mini ice age, into the battle of Trenton. We aren’t seeing that type of courage yet. Although, there have been some heroic medical doctors that have resisted at great expense.

Dr. Joseph Sansone

Contemplating infinity causes one to recognize both the miracle of life as well as the absurdity of life. If you imagine an outward expansion through an ever expanding Cosmos, as well as an inward expansion to an ever expanding subatomic world, it increases the awe. Of course, if we are dealing with infinity, we have to recognize the possibility that it is not expanding and has always existed. Still, there is then the issue of whether the idea of expansiveness is simply consciousness, whatever that is, creating an illusion of expansion by focalization. Potentiality becoming reality. The limitations of perception clearly come to play when discussing these topics, let alone the limitations of linguistics or mathematics, and their inability to encapsulate higher levels of truth.

The above exercise can bring on the sense of awe. How about the absurdity of it all?

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Keeping in mind the above, imagine sitting at a desk peering into a high powered microscope and discovering a universe, then as you adjust your lens you see this tiny planet. As you adjust further, you see this tiny little world with this thing we call civilization. The apparent infinite number of subatomic particles and infinite solar systems, galaxies, and so on, that exist to support this thing called life, is both a miracle and absurd at the same time. Yes, I know the Cosmos and the subatomic world can be considered alive too, but let’s not digress.

As you adjust your microscope further, you see a battle initiating on Christmas night 1776.

Why not? Why should you be bound by time in this thought exercise?

General George Washington was leading his troops undetected across the Delaware river launching a bold surprise attack on British occupied Trenton. This bold attack initiated on Christmas night was a deliberate attempt to catch the Hessians (German Mercenaries) off guard after a day of Christmas drinking and celebrating.

This bold attack on Christmas night was born out of necessity. British troops occupying America had reached 43,000 soldiers.  To make matters worse, a once 25,000 soldier strong Continental Army, had dwindled to 4,300. As if this was not bad enough, on December 31st most of the Continental Army’s enlistment terms would end. This would of course mean the end of the American Revolution and likely the end of a rope for Washington and the Patriots that were signatories to the July 4th Declaration of Independence.

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