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Dailywire Article – In Schools, CRT Is The Coverup. The Crime Is Failing Academics.

Posted by M. C. on January 11, 2023

By  Luke Rosiak

The news that principals at several high schools in Fairfax County, Virginia, withheld valuable academic awards from top-performing students — around the time the school system hired a consultant that promised “equal outcomes for every student, without exception” — has shocked the nation. How could schools have gone from encouraging academic standouts to seemingly trying to squash them? And what are the consequences for our best and brightest and our nation?

This latest scandal effectively dispenses with a misconception that has confused the debate over politicized schools for three years: The most important way you’ll see Critical Race Theory (CRT) manifest in your school system isn’t through discussions of race at all. It’s through lowered academic standards and the rejection of the idea that excellence even exists.

Leftist activists present CRT — or as its proponents in K-12 call it, “equity” — as being about teaching about slavery (as if every American school doesn’t already do that). But I spent two years researching a book on these activists’ takeover of American schools, and it quickly became clear that the real, underlying story was much more important, if less politically flashy: schools’ abject failure to actually help kids learn, and the dishonest tactics they’ll use to keep you from realizing it.

One of the more striking charts I saw was from 2015. On one axis it showed the horrific state of academic accomplishment in New York City schools: In most schools, the majority of students failed the state math exam, known as the Regents. The other axis was based on the letter grades that students got in math class. Here the story looked much different: Almost everyone got passing grades — even when they failed the standardized exam covering the same material.

There was essentially no correlation between getting a passing letter grade and passing the objective test. At the Science School for Exploration and Discovery in the Bronx, 94% passed their math classes in 2017-18, but only 2% passed their math exams.

In other words, letter grades were meaningless. Worse, they were arguably fraud. 

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