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‘Defend the Guard’ Receives Outstanding Committee Hearing in New Hampshire | The Libertarian Institute

Posted by M. C. on January 25, 2023

by Dan McKnight


“I didn’t know a lot about the Guard problem until I got involved in this, and the folks from Bring Our Troops Home sent me this very, extremely informative booklet on defending the Guard. And it’s now called the Defend the Guard bill.”

That’s how State Rep. John Potucek, a ret. U.S. Air Force staff sergeant and Vietnam veteran, introduced H.B. 229 at a hearing in front of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. The Defend the Guard Act would keep our National Guard out of unconstitutional wars and restore accountability over war and peace to our government.

We’re grateful for the credit. Bring Our Troops Home is the only organization in the country that works with legislators on Defend the Guard bills, prepares for committee hearings, and gathers testimonials from veterans.

That’s where all of your contributions go. When you become a member of our supporters’ group, the Ten Seven Club, your dollars go to getting bill numbers, finding co-sponsors, and making a show of force in front of committees.

That’s exactly what we did in New Hampshire.

Fourteen people testified in favor of H.B. 229. Six of them were members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. And the amazing thing was, not all of them are bill sponsors. But they felt compelled in their hearts to show up—unprompted—and speak in favor of Defend the Guard.

Ten of them have served in either National Guard or some branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. A majority of them have seen combat firsthand. They showed up because soldiers, more than anyone, understand the oath we take to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. We put our lives at risk for the country we love.

So when we see politicians and desk-job generals breaking the law, subverting our representative government, and flippantly risking the lives of our brothers and sisters in uniform…well, that doesn’t sit right with us.

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