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Posted by M. C. on March 10, 2023

US academic standing in the world has been dropping for decades. Instead of increasing the department of education’s budget like Hunter’s old man wants, it should be eliminated.

Oddly, the US was the doing quite well before the DOE.

NY Post: “IQ scores have decreased in the US for the first time in decades, new research from scientists at Northwestern University and the University of Oregon suggests.”

The dems have pushed aside better qualified students applying to colleges replacing them with minorities who were incapable academically. Athletic scholarships are being awarded to students competing against their opposite sex. Intellectually gifted grade school and high school students are being forced to advance at the rate of the learning disabled. A respected college, Washington University is being labeled as racist for providing students with an opportunity for a professional career.

Colleges are waving SAT and ACT requirements.

NYP: IQ scores in the US have fallen for the first time in decades, study suggests

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