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US Congress: A Conduit For The Banking & Military Cartels

Posted by M. C. on April 10, 2023

The Western powers that be have deliberately refused any concessions that could lead to a peaceful resolution.   War Pays.   It is the means for the Banking Cartel to embellish their wealth tenfold.   War Pays. It is the means by which the Military Complex garners additional Taxpayer funding.   Whether we agree – or not.   

-This is what our Federal Government has become – a conduit for The Cartel.

By Helena Glass
Helena-The Nationalist Voice

The MSM is in overdrive pushing a Russian Defector, Gleb Karakulov.   While the story proceeds to have Comrade Gleb demonize Putin as insane, a man unhinged, a warmonger, a bad guy…   Mr. Karakulov would appear to be a shadow.   He has no history, no past, and no present other than one article distributed amongst 100+ Liberal media outlets.   He could be an AI creation.   His story a liberal fantasy.

In fact, despite his being hailed as a high ranking officer in Putin’s closest circles – his name has NO Google Presence – at all – NO Russia media presence at all – No Turkish media presence at all….

Does the Cartel really believe that by creating an AI manufactured person who speaks in vitriolic contempt of Putin, that suddenly everyone will change their opinion?   Or is this like WWI wherein an assassination of an Austrian ArchDuke was used as the impetus for chaos?   Is the Cartel establishing a platform from which to justify a Russia COUP?   The justification for the assassination of Putin?   The means to colonize Russia?

The sniff test – desperation.

Mexico is shifting to the BRICS.   Argentina, Indonesia, UAE, Algeria, Bahrain, are shifting to the BRICS. But the most spurious is Saudi Arabia – and the Cartel is violently shaking in their Italian loafers… The defectors will not return to a European NATO.   America has been declared a political monstrosity.   Every Single global leader is playing the Biden game – but it simply went too far.   They don’t want to play with America any more.

WWI was initiated on far less!

Historically, for the Cartel war has been their only means of roundtable unity.   There was absolutely no reason for the US to enter WWI – once again Cartels were the existential CAUSE.   The US was in a recession and needed a distraction to lift its economy.   Massive federal spending ensued.

Estimates:   20 million dead and over 25 million wounded.   That would be the agenda, the cause, and the solution to all things earthly under the Mafia Cartel.  

1913 heralded Woodrow Wilson, the rise of the Banking Cartel, the move of rural America to cities, and the rise of “Progressive Politics”.   The US began to annex territories.   Anti-Germany propaganda was brutal.   As a result, US citizen sentiment became inflamed against Germany and pro Britain via the media.  

The US government began sending food, aid, ammunitions and arms to Britain valued at over $1 billion in 1916.   All under the guise of ‘neutrality’.   American men volunteered to fight against the brutal regime of Germany and flew to Europe.

The US position of neutrality was soon scrapped.   When it was levied that Britain and France had no viable army or military equipment the media sought to create Hero statuses.   “We Must Save Europe – our Allies” – was the call to action! Yeah – WAR!

The EXACT same tactics, propaganda, and ploys utilized today to support the European and US intervention in the Ukraine/Russian conflict were employed 120 years ago.   Wouldn’t one think that intelligence tactics and strategy would have evolved?


Yet, it isn’t exactly a cyclical repetition – it is a contrived repetition within a shadow Cartel that has no military acumen, no strategic acumen, and continues to deploy the exact same war strategy every single time.   Much like a 33 record on a Viktrola – constantly spinning until someone pulls the proverbial plug.

As we relive this same propaganda in Ukraine, each and every move is a re-creation of WWI and WWII.   The record is in auto play. Why?   Because Military acumen is on a downward spiral. As Musk noted – it would be nice if the IQ quotient allowed those above 100 to participate.

The legacy of WWI states that Wilson’s desire to send US troops to Fight Germany came with – Media support – even in the face of heavy losses and life.   Because the Media was – even then – the progenitor of Truth and WH Decision Making.

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