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How One Undercover FBI Agent Infiltrated BLM and the Militia Movement | The Libertarian Institute

Posted by M. C. on April 14, 2023

Questions about Red and the FBI’s role in fomenting violence in both right- and left-wing movements could ostensibly be answered by the House Weaponization Subcommittee, 

But despite touting itself as the next “Church committee”—the Weaponization Subcommittee has yet to comment on the matter.

by Ken Silva

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In August 2020, an FBI undercover agent code-named “Red” unsuccessfully tried to foment a plot to assassinate Colorado’s attorney general. The next month, an FBI undercover agent with the same code-name and physical description played a major role in the conspiracy to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

After reviewing audio recordings and other information, three people involved in the Whitmer case have concluded that the “Red” in Colorado is the same person as Michigan “Red,” whose real name is special agent Timothy Bates.

Indeed, in both cases, “Red” is described as 6 feet 2 inches tall with facial hair and a tattoo sleeve going down his arm. “Red” was also introduced to BLM activists and militiamen alike as an ex-military, outlaw munitions expert. And moreover, “Red” took each of his targets on surveillance car rides.

The information about Colorado Red and the short-lived association plot was recently revealed in a new podcast, “Alphabet Boys,” which details how the FBI infiltrated the BLM movement.

According to Alphabet Boys, an FBI informant introduced Red to a BLM activist who had expressed interest in assassinating Colorado’s attorney general. Red and the activist met in August 2020, and then went on a car ride to surveil the AG’s home—but the activist suspected Red of being a fed, and never contacted him again.

The next month, “Red” would figure prominently in the Whitmer case, attempting to goad militia members into buying explosives in the weeks before they were arrested. Former Whitmer defendant Brandon Caserta met Red in person and said he listened to his voice “hundreds of times” on audio throughout his legal proceedings.

After listening to the Alphabet Boys, Caserta—who was exonerated of all charges—said he’s 100-percent certain that Colorado Red and Michigan Red are one in the same.

“I’m only 10 minutes in. I don’t need to go any further. That’s Red—100 percent,” he said.

Likewise, the family of Adam Fox—who was convicted in the Whitmer plot—thinks it’s the same person. Fox’s family has heard audio of Bates, and watched him testify against Fox.

“Literally the minute I heard the voice I knew it was him,” said Fox’s sister, Gabrielle, whose last name Headline USA is withholding for privacy reasons. “I am in complete agreement with Brandon: That sounds just like Red.”

Fox’s mom, Christina, added, “It does sound like him.”

Not only does the Colorado Red’s voice sound the same as Bates, according to Caserta and Fox’s family; he also matches the same physical description.

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