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Should I Trust My Doctor Anymore?

Posted by M. C. on April 14, 2023

By Tom Woods

From the Tom Woods Letter:

It took me long enough to figure this out, but thanks to the disastrous Covid response a lot more of us than ever are wondering about mainstream medicine.

The medical profession disgraced itself over the past three years nearly as much as did the public health establishment, whose voodoo accomplished a fat zero but ruined who knows how many lives. Countless doctors, meanwhile, showed no curiosity at all about treatments for Covid outside the approved regimen (like the atrocious Remdesivir), and none about the shots.

We all know the heroic exceptions. But exceptions they were.

Now, the natural questions are: what else that we’ve been told about health is false or on shaky scientific ground? Have financial interests driven health decisions and recommendations in cases other than Covid? What sources should we trust on questions relating to our health?

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