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The Ministry of New Normal Truth

Posted by M. C. on April 24, 2023


Back in May of 2021, Matt Taibbi interviewed me for his Meet the Censored series. We talked about how critics of the official Covid narrative were being censored by global corporations like Twitter and Facebook. I got into my “GloboCap” shtick a little, but, all in all, it was pretty tame stuff.

How far we have come over these last two years!

Today, Matt Taibbi is being threatened with imprisonment by elements of the US government for reporting on what he and Michael Shellenberger have been calling “The Censorship Industrial Complex.” My social media accounts are dead. I have been visibility-filtered into Internet oblivion by Twitter — yes, Musk’s “free speech Twitter” — and Facebook, ingeniously buried by Google, disappeared by YouTube, and Amazon has banned my latest book in several countries.

Reporting on how US Intelligence agencies and members of the Biden administration apparently conspired to deceive the public and interfere in the 2020 US elections, and how the corporate media collaborated with them and are burying the story now, Matt offers the following sobering observation … “An all-time media blackout is in effect. We’re experiencing real-time Sovietization.”

Even Michael Shellenberger has joined me in openly using the “T-word” …

But that’s not what this newsletter is about … or … OK, it is, or partly, anyway. I’ll be writing a lot more about corporate/state censorship, and The Censorship Industrial Complex, or The Ministry of New Normal Truth, in the days and weeks and months ahead, and probably in the years ahead, but, before I do that, I want to do two other things, (1) tell you about some changes I’ll be making to my Substack operation, and (2) tell you about Substack Notes.

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