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The Erie Times Ed Matthews Has It For Hillary

Posted by Martin C. Fox on November 25, 2012

Occasionally when all the news that fits doesn’t fill my tank I read Ed Matthews. There have been a few dooseys lately which my mind has thankfully blocked but I can’t ignore today’s. One of the topics is Hillary Clinton. The woman who said she was through with political office holding (see pathological liar below) is a hot ticket for prez in 2016. According to Matthews she has been a very good secretary of state! Read the rest of this entry »


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More on Foreign Bribe…Aid

Posted by Martin C. Fox on February 14, 2012

Your tax dollars at work.  Egypt using foreign aid for extortion.  How much of that aid allocation has reached the common folk over the years?  Not much unless you count what was spent on tear gas.

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Santorum and Foreign Policy

Posted by Martin C. Fox on February 12, 2012

The guest columnist in the 12 Feb Erie Times is so happy Rick Santorum is on top, for this week anyway. Supporting a failed Department of Education, failing medicare system and failed foreign policy are Santorum’s strong points according to Grace Zimmerly. Foreign policy is the main topic in today’s article. Read the rest of this entry »

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