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DOD Blatantly Admits on Twitter it Works With Hollywood to Sell You War Propaganda | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. Fox on March 9, 2018

The farmers at the pentagram have been planting for a long time.

CBS’ 60 minutes…don’t get me started!

By John Vibes

While this is a fact that has been documented for many years, it is still largely overlooked by mainstream media sources, who insist that this idea is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. In the post, it was plainly admitted that the agency “works with Hollywood to ensure the military is portrayed correctly in films.”… Read the rest of this entry »


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The Media and Relevance: A Slow Fade-Out – Taki’s Magazine

Posted by M. C. Fox on March 3, 2017

But emotionally, I can’t forget that day in 1994 when CBS sleaze merchant Don Hewitt, after admitting to me that 60 Minutes had deceitfully edited video to make me look like a Holocaust denier, told me, “You don’t have the money to sue us, so we get to do to you whatever we want.”

My disgust with MSM began with 60 Minutes. Painfully poor film editing or rather film distortion and plain outright lying. 60 Minutes reporters were all scum then. I haven’t watched in decades.

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