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George Kennan and Foreign Affairs-We haven’t Learned Much Over the Last Hundred Years

Posted by M. C. on January 1, 2014

I have just finished “American Diplomacy” by George Kennan. Kennan joined the foreign service in 1925. After WW II Kennan became an advocate of containment over confrontation of communism. He was supposedly provided inspiration of the Trueman Doctrine. Economic and military aid to those subject to the threat of communist influence. Kennan is described as a realist and believed legalism and moralism were responsible for the foreign policy problems of the 1950s.

That realism is as missing today as it was in Kennan’s time.

Kennan could see in the 30’s that ignorance of “power realities” would lead toward war with Japan and ultimately end up with russia holding the cards in the far east. Read the rest of this entry »

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