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Global Warming Has Made Gulf Stream Slowest in 1,600 Years, and That Could Impact Our Weather

Posted by M. C. on April 17, 2018

WeatherUnderground-Taking care of busine$$

If we do not rapidly stop global warming…

How? By telling the sun to stop cooling? Oh it’s already doing that.

“We are only beginning to understand the consequences of this unprecedented process –

But they have the cause down pat-Man made global warming.

A separate study, also released Wednesday in the journal Nature, claims the 150-year slowdown of the AMOC is a result of natural changes, not man-made climate change. But both conclude the slowdown is occurring, and it could impact our weather in the coming years.

At the bottom of the article where it belongs.

Sean Breslin 

For years, scientists have studied a spot in the North Atlantic Ocean that has bucked the trend of a warming world. Now, they know what impact this colder-than-average region is having on the Gulf Stream. Read the rest of this entry »

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