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Biden Regime Thinks 7% Inflation Not High Enough –

Posted by M. C. on January 26, 2022

Paul Craig Roberts

Blocked by US federal courts from imposing its illegal vaccine mandates, the criminal and insane Biden regime has resorted to imposing mandates by prohibiting unvaccinated (however that condition is currently defined) truckers from delivering goods to the US from Canada and Mexico. For a country that has offshored so much of the production it needs, reducing deliveries by stupid and ineffective “Covid policies” guarantees inflation.

The corrupt and stupid Transportation Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas justified the Biden regime’s interference with commerce as the regime’s “commitment to protecting public safety.”

This is extraordinary. With it now a proven and uncontested fact that the “vaccine,” no matter how many jabs, does not protect against Covid but does cause injury and death, the dumbshit Secretary of Transportation is protecting us by reducing the supply of goods and driving up the inflation rate!

Now we will learn the true cost of globalism. Having offshored almost everything including food production, Americans are going to experience what life is like in a third world country.

Be seeing you

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Federal Appeals Court Finds “Grave Statutory and Constitutional Issues” with Biden’s Vaccination Mandate –

Posted by M. C. on November 10, 2021

A federal appeals court has blocked the corrupt Biden regime’s private employer “vaccine mandate” on the grounds that “there are grave statutory and constitutional issues with the mandate.”

As I reported, OSHA does not have the authority to issue legislation any more than does Biden. The corrupt Biden regime’s effort to bypass Congress has failed for the nonce. Congress should impeach Biden for violating the separation of powers and his oath to uphold the Constitution.

The corrupt Biden regime’s order that the military and government employees must be vaccinated is also illegal. Under the Nuremberg Laws vaccination is a medical intervention requiring informed consent. German doctors who performed medical experiments on humans without their consent were executed for doing so. A person who coerces a vaccination is subject to the death penalty. Indeed, Fauci has in the past coerced experiments on children, causing many deaths as Robert Kennedy documents in his just published book, The Real Anthony Fauci — The United States government has provided no explanation why it goes to such extremes to track down elderly former German camp guards but refuses to hold Fauci accountable for the murder of children.

At the current time, there are many hospital, university, and public school administrators who are subject to the death penalty for mandating vaccination. Hopefully there will be trials, conviction and all will be executed. Good riddance.

Biden, the Pentagon chief, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are also subject to trial and execution for coercing vaccination on military and federal personnel. Hopefully they too will be tried, convicted and executed if found guilty.

Otherwise, it is the rule of law that will be executed as the executive branch morphs into a dictatorship.

Be seeing you

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