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Pot, Meet Kettle: America’s Use of Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Weapons

Posted by M. C. on May 31, 2022

by Patrick Macfarlane

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In a recent editorial, I discussed a new Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) that was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives on May 1, 2022, by Adam Kinzinger (R-IL).

The proposed AUMF, if passed, would allow President Biden to deploy American forces to restore “the territorial integrity of Ukraine” in the event that Russia uses chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons.

Thankfully, as news editor Dave DeCamp writes, Kinzinger’s AUMF has failed to gain traction. This may seem like a bright spot in an otherwise apocalyptically bad news cycle, but not to worry! Opinion Editor Kyle Anzalone noted in his recent interview of me, Kinzinger’s proposed AUMF will likely sit on the House Floor until the necessary political capital appears.

It probably will when Russia (or anyone really) uses the above-described weapons.

Although Kinzinger’s proposed AUMF asserts the moral high ground by threatening war against Russia, it can claim none. The United States itself has deployed all three types of weapons against its enemies—in the recent past, if not sooner.

As for nuclear weapons—the United States is the only country in world history to have used nuclear weapons against an enemy during wartime. Their use is even more abhorrent considering Hiroshima and Nagasaki held no strategic military value and the ordinance overwhelmingly killed civilians.

As if obliterating two major Japanese cities wasn’t enough, the Manhattan Project’s test detonations in the New Mexico desert exposed nearby farmers and their families to dangerous levels of radiation. Although the family members did not exhibit external symptoms, much of their livestock died.

In tune with their character, between 1945 and 1947 Manhattan Project scientists purposely injected 30 Americans with plutonium just to see what would happen. These injections were administered without the subjects’ knowledge or consent.

As for biological warfare, the United States’ military has tested biological weapons against its own citizens on several occasions.

In 1949, the Army Chemical Corps secretly released a harmless bacteria into the Pentagon’s air conditioning system to see how it spread through the building.

In April of 1950 and September of 1950, the Army Chemical Corps sprayed the coasts of Norfolk, Virginia and San Francisco, California, respectively, with two types of bacteria.

The types of bacteria that were released, Bacillus globigii and Serratia marcesens were believed to be harmless at the time. However,

Bacillus globigii is now [considered] to be a pathogen, causes food poisoning, and can hurt anyone with a weak immune system. As for Serratia marcesens, 11 people were admitted to a hospital with serious bacterial infections after the San Francisco test. One of them–Edward Nevin–died three weeks later.

In a previous editorial, I wrote about how the U.S. Army Chemical Corps sprayed several cities in the United States and Canada with zinc cadmium sulfide. At the time, zinc cadmium sulfide was considered to be harmless, but a large class of victims brought a federal lawsuit claiming the exposure caused myriad ailments. The lawsuit was dismissed, in part because the U.S. Government cannot be sued without its consent.

In the 1980s, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provided Iraq with pathogens, which were ostensibly used against Iran in the Iraq-Iran War. In fact, the United States supported both sides of the war.

In September 2002, West Virginia Senator Robert C. Byrd entered the CDC’s own documents into the Congressional Record during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing. The documents showed that

the CDC and a biological sample company, American Type Culture Collection, sent strains of all the germs Iraq used to make weapons, including anthrax, the bacteria that make botulinum toxin and the germs that cause gas gangrene…Iraq also got samples of other deadly pathogens, including West Nile virus.

A few years later, the United States invaded Iraq under the pretext of destroying the above weapons. In the largest battle of said invasion, the Second Battle of Fallujah, the United States used white phosphorous against insurgents.

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White phosphorous is a chemical compound that burns intensely when exposed to oxygen. When it contacts the human body, it burns to the bone, causing horrific injuries.

Although the legality of using white phosphorous against combatants is debatable, and beyond the scope of this piece, the use of white phosphorus against civilians is a war crime.

There is evidence that the United States’ use of white phosphorous in Fallujah harmed civilians. It is also confirmed that the United States used white phosphorous in Iraq and Syria in its ostensible fight against the Islamic State. Human Rights Watch could not confirm several allegations that the white phosphorous harmed civilians, but it noted that the allegations exist and are supported by at least some evidence.

U.S. partners Israel and Turkey have been accused of using white phosphorous. Israel admitted it.

One of the most grievous and well-documented cases of the United States’ use of chemical weapons occurred during the Vietnam War.

While working on solutions to its counterinsurgency problem in Vietnam, the Pentagon, through ARPA, created a defoliant that gained international notoriety under the name “Agent Orange.”

Agent Orange was supposed to combat the Vietcong insurgency by denying it “protective cover from the jungle canopy.” Its second purpose was to starve the enemy “by poisoning their primary food crop, a jungle root called manioc.” Lyndon B. Johnson’s National Security Advisor Walt Rostow called the defoliant program “a type of chemical warfare.”

By the end of the war, the United States had sprayed 19 million gallons of Agent Orange on Vietnam’s jungles. “A 2012 congressional report determined that over the course of the war, between 2.1 million and 4.8 million Vietnamese were directly exposed[.]”

In addition to destroying its natural resources, Agent Orange caused abhorrent health defects in the Vietnamese population.

Ninety-eight refugees who had been exposed to chemical sprays in South Vietnam were interviewed in Hanoi. Most reported effects on eyes and skin and gastrointestinal upsets. Ninety-two percent suffered fatigue, prolonged or indefinite in 17 percent of cases. Reports of abortions and monstrous births in sprayed humans and animals and of substantial numbers of deaths among fish, fowl, and pigs were also given.

2006 meta-analysis found a very high correlation between exposure to Agent Orange and birth defects:

Results In total, 22 studies including 13 Vietnamese and nine non-Vietnamese studies were identified. The summary relative risk (RR) of birth defects associated with exposure to Agent Orange was 1.95 [95% confidence interval (95% CI) 1.59–2.39], with substantial heterogeneity across studies. Vietnamese studies showed a higher summary RR (RR = 3.00; 95% CI 2.19–4.12) than non-Vietnamese studies (RR = 1.29; 95% CI 1.04–1.59). Sub-group analyses found that the magnitude of association tended to increase with greater degrees of exposure to Agent Orange, rated on intensity and duration of exposure and dioxin concentrations measured in affected populations. Conclusion Parental exposure to Agent Orange appears to be associated with an increased risk of birth defects.

The United States constantly grandstands about enforcing the “international rules-based order,” but what does that order stand for? If its own conduct is the measure, then the United States should have no quarrel with Russia for using chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons.

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About Patrick Macfarlane

Patrick MacFarlane is the Justin Raimondo Fellow at the Libertarian Institute where he advocates a noninterventionist foreign policy. He is a Wisconsin attorney in private practice. He is the host of the Liberty Weekly Podcast at, where he seeks to expose establishment narratives with well researched documentary-style content and insightful guest interviews. His work has appeared on and Zerohedge. He may be reached at

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That Time the U.S. Army Sprayed Millions of Americans With Zinc Cadmium Sulfide

Posted by M. C. on April 5, 2022

by Patrick Macfarlane

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In 1985, the classic horror-comedy film Return of the Living Dead was unleashed upon the world. In it, a worker at a medical supply warehouse accidentally releases a chemical weapon while hazing a teenage employee. The weapon, now affectionately known as “Tar-man,” was a zombie sealed away in a rusty iron barrel that had been forgotten in the basement of the warehouse.

The Tar Man’s origins are explained in the film:

Frank: Lemme ask a question. You ever seen that movie, “Night of the Living Dead?”

Freddy: The one about the corpses eating people? Sure. That was one of the finest movies ever made. What about it?

Frank: Did you know it was based on a true case?

Freddy: Naw. Go on. You’re shitting me.

Frank: I’m dead serious.

Freddy: That’s not possible. They showed the zombies taking over the whole world. I would have heard about that.

Frank: Well, they changed the details for the movie. What really happened was that back about 1966, there was a chemical spill near Pittsburgh. It leaked down into the veteran’s cemetery and made some dead bodies act like they was alive.

Freddy: (Skeptical) What chemical?

Frank: It’s called 2, 4, 5, Trioxin and they were going to use it on marijuana or something. It was something Darrow Chemical was developing for the Army. They shut it down after the business with the corpses. And they told the guy that made the movie, that if he told the true facts, they’d sue his ass off. So he changed it all around.

Freddy: So what really happened?

Frank: Well, they shut it all down, and the Army took away the contaminated dirt and bodies, and they managed to keep it all a secret.

Freddy: So how come you know about it?

Frank: The Army transport department got their orders crossed, and they brought the bodies here instead to Darrow Chemical. Typical Army fuck-up, they put them here and forgot about them…

Despite its campy critique of the U.S. military, Return of the Living Dead’s plot is not entirely removed from reality. In truth, the U.S. military has purposely exposed American and Canadian civilians to dangerous chemical agents.

In the early 1950s, the U.S. Army Chemical Corps prepared a series of biological weapons tests in multiple cities across the United States and Canada. These experiments were executed in the mid-1950s through the late 1960s—not before a law was passed to shield private military contractors from all liability for public injury.

As Professor Lisa Martino-Taylor writes, this, in effect: “created a sanction-free military human test zone across North America and blocked legal recourse for victims.”

In short, the Army was ostensibly concerned that the Russians would expose American and Canadian civilians to dangerous agents, so the Army did it themselves in the name of mitigation.

As a part of the tests, the U.S. Army Chemical Corps released zinc cadmium sulfide “from airplanes, rooftops, and moving vehicles in 33 locations, mostly cities and towns, in the United States and Canada.” These cities included St. Louis, MO, Minneapolis, MN, Corpus Christi, TX, Fort Wayne, IN, Biltmore Beach, FL, and Winnepig, MB. The cities were chosen because of their similarity to cities in the USSR.

In St. Louis, the Army’s dispersion methods were insidious. “The Army used motorized blowers atop a low-income housing high-rise, at schools and from the backs of station wagons” to disperse the chemical agent. Local officials were told that the “government was testing a smoke screen that could shield St. Louis from aerial observation in case the Russians attacked.”

Zinc cadmium sulfide itself is a fine powder “that is formed by heating zinc sulfide and cadmium sulfide together under very high temperature so that they fuse…Zinc cadmium sulfide is not a biologic weapon; it was a tracer used by the Army to imitate or simulate the dispersion of biologic weapons.” At the time, the compound was not believed to be dangerous to humans.

In the 1990s, as the Manhattan Project’s dark history of human radiation experimentation came to light (a story in of itself), then-President Bill Clinton established a congressional inquest to investigate it. As a result, many other instances of government-sponsored human experimentation came to light, including the zinc cadmium sulfide dispersal experiments. Victims soon came forward demanding answers.

At the behest of Congress, the National Research Council Committee on Toxicology began an official investigation of the dispersal experiments. In 1997, it published its findings as to the likelihood of public injury.

The Committee concluded:

“[G]iven the very small amounts of zinc cadmium sulfide to which people were exposed and the short duration of exposure, it is extremely unlikely that anyone in the test areas developed adverse health effects, such as lung cancer or infertility problems, from the Army’s releases of zinc cadmium sulfide.”

The Committee did not assess the ethical issues surrounding the Army’s decision to expose hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of Americans and Canadians to toxic compounds without their knowledge or consent. Neither did the Committee address the true concerns of survivors, that the zinc cadmium sulfide was irradiated by the Army Chemical Corps before dispersion.

Some may find the investigation to be a classic example of: “we investigated ourselves and found no harm.”

Over a decade later, in 2015, a Federal District Court in Missouri dismissed a class-action lawsuit made by Missourians who alleged harm from the zinc cadmium sulfide experiments.

Although the suit was dismissed because of U.S. sovereign immunity (the Federal Government can only be sued if it consents to be sued), the court relied on the National Research Council Committee’s report to support the fact that the plaintiffs’ injuries were unrelated to the dispersal experiment.

At the end of Return of the Living Dead, the zombie outbreak spreads from the medical supply warehouse to the neighboring cemetery. Eventually the outbreak hemorrhages to the surrounding town of Louisville, Kentucky. The U.S. Army is quickly notified and summarily nukes the entire town.

The film itself is purposefully campy and outlandish. For instance, it was the first zombie film to popularize the notion that zombies are motivated by a desire to eat brains. The film is now a cult-classic.

Given the real-life absurdities of a government willing to experiment on its own citizens without knowledge or consent, perhaps Return of the Living Dead ironically approximates something close to the truth.

That is what makes the film truly terrifying.

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About Patrick Macfarlane

Patrick MacFarlane is a Wisconsin attorney in private practice. He is the host of the Liberty Weekly Podcast at, where he covers libertarian legal theory, Austrian economics, history, and other libertarian topics. He may be reached at

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Biological Weapons: A Useful and Timely Factual Overview – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on February 11, 2020

A US Army operating manual from 1956 stated explicitly that biological and chemical warfare were an integral operating portion of US military strategy, were not restricted in any way, and that Congress had given the military “First Strike” authority on their use.

Then we had “Operation Drop Kick” (12), designed to test various ways of dispersing infected insects over large geographical areas, the tests carried out over various parts of the continental US, including most of the East Coast. We had “Project SHAD (Shipboard Hazard and Defense). Then, as late as 2000, we had “Project Bacchus” designed to determine the feasibility of constructing an anthrax production facility in a foreign country while remaining undetected.

By Larry Romanoff

The US government and its many agencies and educational and health institutions, have for many decades conducted intensive research into biological warfare, in many cases strongly focused on race-specific pathogens.

In a report to the US Congress, the Department of Defense revealed that its program of creating artificial biological agents included modifying non-fatal viruses to make them lethal, and genetic engineering to alter the immunology of biological agents to make treatment and vaccinations impossible. The military report admitted that at the time it operated about 130 bio-weapons research facilities, dozens at US universities and others at many international sites outside the purview of the US Congress and the jurisdiction of the courts.

This knowledge hasn’t been a secret for a long time. In a classified 1948 report by the Pentagon’s Committee on Biological Warfare, the main selling point was that:

 “A gun or a bomb leaves no doubt that a deliberate attack has occurred. But if … an epidemic slashes across a crowded city, there is no way of knowing whether anyone attacked, much less who”, adding hopefully that “A significant portion of the human population within selected target areas may be killed or incapacitated” with only very small amounts of a pathogen. (1) (2)

A US Army operating manual from 1956 stated explicitly that biological and chemical warfare were an integral operating portion of US military strategy, were not restricted in any way, and that Congress had given the military “First Strike” authority on their use. In 1959, an attempt by Congress to remove this first-strike authority was defeated by the White House and bio-chemical weapons expenditures increased from $75 million to almost $350 million. That was an enormous amount of money in the early 1960s. (3)

US Defense Secretary Robert McNamara (image on the right) executed 150 top-secret bio-weapons programs in the 1960s, performing bio-weapons experiments and field tests on an unwitting public, sometimes in foreign countries but most often against American citizens. McNamara ordered the Joint Chiefs of Staff  “to consider all possible applications” of these agents against enemy nations in a coherent plan for a total “biological and chemical deterrent capability”, the plan to include cost estimates and an “appraisal of international political consequences”. (4) (5)

In the year 2000, The Project for the New American Century (6) (7) produced a report titled, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”, which contained a radical and belligerent Right-Wing policy ambition for America. Their report called itself a “blueprint for maintaining global US preeminence … and shaping the international security order in line with American principles and interests.” The authors, their genocidal mentality obvious, stated:

“Advanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes may transform biological warfare … to a politically useful tool.”

Bio-Weapons Research Institutions

The US Army’s Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Maryland is the military’s main facility for research on biological warfare. It comprises 80,000 m². By the mid-1980s, this bio-weapons section of Fort Detrick was receiving nearly $100 million per year, and this was only one of many sections.

When Japan invaded China, one of Dr. Ishii’s (unit 731) grand successes was to develop methods of mass-producing fleas and ticks infected with the plague and other lethal pathogens for distribution among civilian populations – which is how the Americans learned to weaponise insects – to breed and disseminate ticks infested with Lyme Disease from their secret Plum Island Germ Laboratory in New York State. This was also the source of the US programs of breeding and disseminating mosquitoes and fleas infected with cholera and Yellow Fever in China and North Korea, to say nothing of the domestic mosquito programs the US inflicted on its own people.

Founded on Ishii’s human research, the US military developed an entomological (insect) warfare facility, and initially prepared plans to attack Russia and the Soviet States with entomological bio-weapons. The facility was designed to produce 100 million yellow fever-infected mosquitoes per month, its output tested on unwitting American civilians by dropping infected mosquitoes and other insects over large portions of the US. As is so typical for the US military, these projects beginning in the 1950s and 1960s were given juvenile appellations like “Project Big Buzz” and “Project Big Itch” and “Operation Mayday” (8) (9) (10), but were tests of the feasibility of producing billions of insects, infecting them with lethal pathogens, then loading them into munitions and dispersing them over Russia from aircraft or even missiles.

From a US Army report from March of 1981, one writer noted that “you can marvel at how much (or how little) it would have cost to launch a yellow fever-infected mosquito attack on a city – with a handy “Cost per Death” chart included!.” The Dugway Sheep incident is worth attention as well. (11)

Then we had “Operation Drop Kick” (12), designed to test various ways of dispersing infected insects over large geographical areas, the tests carried out over various parts of the continental US, including most of the East Coast. We had “Project SHAD (Shipboard Hazard and Defense). Then, as late as 2000, we had “Project Bacchus” designed to determine the feasibility of constructing an anthrax production facility in a foreign country while remaining undetected. There were other of these programs of course, all with foolish names and all designed to assess the dissemination of infected insects and other lethal pathogens into civilian populations. They were kept very secret since they were illegal in domestic law and contravened international law and many weapons treaties that other nations signed with the US in good faith.

Selected Articles: War against Iran or North Korea?

In addition to Fort Detrick, the US military has a bio-weapons ordnance plant at Vigo, Indiana, which was a massive production facility that specialised in biological pathogens, and capable of producing 275,000 bombs containing Botulinum or one million anthrax bombs per month. The fermenter tanks at Vigo contained 250,000 gallons, or about one million liters, making it, according to reports, by far the largest bacterial mass-production facility in the world.

This was not a recent development; Vigo was fully operational during the Second World War, essentially a bio-anthrax factory, one of its first orders being from Winston Churchill in 1944 for 500,000 anthrax bombs, and which Churchill stated should be considered only the “first installment”. Vigo was eventually turned over to Pfizer for “antibiotics manufacture” and was replaced in the mid-1950s by a new state of the art facility at the Pine Bluff Arsenal. (13) (14) (15)

The Daily News published an article on 24 September 2005, in which it detailed US Army plans for bulk purchases of anthrax, relating a series of contracts that had been discovered by Edward Hammond, director of the Sunshine Project, which emanated from the military’s Dugway Proving Ground in Utah. These notices asked various companies to tender for the production of bulk quantities of anthrax, as well as to produce “significant volumes” of other biological agents. One contract specified that the tendering company “must have the ability and be willing to grow (anthrax) in 1,500-litre quantities”, and “must also be able to produce 3,000-litre batches” of unspecified other biological agents. (16) (17)

When a nation’s military is producing lethal biological pathogens in quantities of millions of liters, it is time to stop pretending we are not engaged in biological warfare. It is of no comfort that the military might claim these to be “harmless” strains of pathogens, since (1) any facility capable of producing benign pathogens can easily produce lethal varieties and (2) there is no such thing as ‘harmless’ anthrax.

There is no material difference between a defensive and an offensive biowarfare program, and even fools cannot claim “self-defense” when producing millions of liters of anthrax. Even the US Government Accountability Office, in its 1994 report on these programs, stated that US military’s Biological Defense Program contained “scores of divisions, departments, research groups, bio-intelligence and more, by no means all related to “‘defense’ in any sense”, and were by nature belligerent and offensive military programs. We are nevertheless assured that the US “has never used biological weapons”, by the same people who were simultaneously tendering contracts for the production of anthrax and other “pathogens” in multiple batches of 3,000 liters. Dissembling propaganda is impossible to avoid in America, even in official military medical textbooks.

There were other sites and facilities besides Fort Detrick that were constructed by the US military solely for the development of bio-weapons, including the Horn Island Testing Station in Mississippi which was meant to be the primary bio-weapons testing site, and the Plum Island Germ Laboratory in New York State from which the military spread Lyme Disease among half the area population.

One portion of the Plum Island facility was designed exclusively to develop and test lethal animal pathogens that could destroy an enemy nation’s food supply – as the US attempted to do in North Korea. Deadly strains of foot-and-mouth disease were one result of this research, which the Americans later shared with their fellow psychopaths at Porton Down in the UK – who put it to good use. An additional portion was the development, testing and production of bombs containing what was called a “vegetable killer acid”, and which could destroy cereals, grains, and most cultivated vegetable crops. I have a strong suspicion that many of the recent bird flu and swine flu epidemics originated from pathogens created at Plum Island.

The textbook titled, Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare (2007), published by the US military’s Surgeon-General, admits to the establishment of “a large-scale production facility in Pine Bluff, Arkansas”, with the new plant featuring “advanced laboratory … measures enabling large-scale fermentation, concentration, storage, and weaponisation of microorganisms”.

And it does also admit that by 1951, the US had produced its first biological weapons, anti-crop bombs, and “antipersonnel” munitions, having “weaponised and stockpiled” all these. It adds that the CIA had independently “developed weapons using toxins including cobra venom and saxitoxin for covert operations”, but that unfortunately “all records regarding their development and deployment were destroyed in 1972” when the information became public. (18)

And the US military has tried to weaponise venereal diseases, leading to travesties like the Guatemala Syphilis project, where they infected thousands then left them to die. The official narrative, while admitting the criminality, stubbornly adheres to the tale of a charitable purpose of testing medications – for thousands who were specifically denied the medicines that would have saved their lives. (19)

The US military appears desperate not only to find biological ways to kill nations of people, but is equally interested in methods of destroying their food supply. Accordingly, it also confessed to another several dozen (at least) occasions where devastating crop and plant disease agents had been released, in experiments to test methods of destroying the entire food plant life of an enemy nation. In 2012, Japanese media revealed that the United States government had tested specific, DNA-engineered crop-killing bioweapons in Okinawa and Taiwan during the 1960s and early 1970s, and that the US military tested some of these within the continental US as well. They were also applied in Vietnam. The purpose of Agent Orange was never as a defoliant as claimed, but developed instead to destroy Vietnam’s entire rice crops and to sufficiently contaminate the soil to prevent re-growth.

This text is Part I of  a 3 Part article.

Part II The Geopolitics of Biological Weapons

Part III  Genetically Modified Seeds: Conceived as a Weapon*

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Robert S. McNamara dies at 93; architect of the Vietnam ...











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Writer of the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act Shares His Thoughts On The Coronavirus – Collective Evolution

Posted by M. C. on February 7, 2020

As stated in the interview below, he believes that the Coronavirus is a biological warfare weapon, and that it may have leaked out unintentionally. Regardless, he believes that pharmaceutical companies are set to profit off of this outbreak in a big way.

Plum Island-Lyme disease, Kenema hospital-Ebola, Canada/China-Coronavirus


In Brief

  • The Facts:Dr. Francis Boyle, a law professor who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act, recently shared his thoughts about the Coronavirus.
  • Reflect On:Disease outbreaks are nothing new, and massive amounts of fear propaganda usually follow. Is this another ‘swine flu?’ Something that has emerged and will die down eventually?

Dr. Francis Boyle is an international law professor at the University of Illinois College of Law. He currently serves as counsel to Bosnia and Herzegovina and to the Provisional Government of the Palestinian Authority. He was involved in developing the indictments against Slobodan Milosević for genocide and for other war crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He is well known globally for representing the Blackfoot Nation (Canada), the Nation of Hawaii, the Lakota Nation, as well as advising on several individual death penalty and human rights cases. He has been a force of good will, having counselled numerous international bodies in the areas of human rights, war crimes and genocide, nuclear policy, and bio-warfare. From 1991-92, he served as Legal Advisor to the Palestinian Delegation to the Middle East Peace Negotiations.

He currently sits on the  Board of Directors of Amnesty International, as a consultant to the American Friends Service Committee, and on the Advisory Board for the Council for Responsible Genetics.

Furthermore, he drafted the U.S. domestic legislation for the Biological Weapons Convention, known as the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989. It was approved unanimously by both Houses of the U.S. Congress and signed into law.

He has a lot of knowledge on the topic of biological warfare, which is why it’s interesting to hear is thoughts and opinions on the Coronavirus.


As stated in the interview below, he believes that the Coronavirus is a biological warfare weapon, and that it may have leaked out unintentionally. Regardless, he believes that pharmaceutical companies are set to profit off of this outbreak in a big way.

Dr. Boyle has come across information suggesting that Chinese scientists may have stolen this virus out of a lab in Winnipeg, where Canada tests a lot of their biological warfare weapons. He believes the virus then leaked out of a lab in Wuhan (BSL-4), in the wake of reports of previous reports of leaks coming out of this specific lab. The Wuhan BSL-4 lab is also a specially designated World Health Organization (WHO) research lab and Dr. Boyle contends that the WHO knows full well what is occurring.

CBC news report maintains that, while there is truth that the lab in Winnipeg had some policy breaches with researchers who were Chinese nationals, it is not confirmed that this involved stealing the virus and bringing it to Wuhan. CBC maintains that the connection between this and the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Wuhan is  a ‘conspiracy theory.’

It appears that the Coronavirus that we are dealing with here is an offensive biological warfare weapon that leaked…I’m not saying it was done deliberately…I’m afraid that’s what we are dealing with today.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to this type of information, and these types of outbreaks, I’m reminded of the swine flu outbreak many years ago. There is a lot of ‘fear propaganda’ being put out by the media, and I personally don’t really pay much attention to it. I’m not saying it’s not dangerous, and it’s not a concern, I’m just saying that ultimately it’s a waste of time to worry.

At the end of the day, the best thing we can do for ourselves for protection is to simply optimize your health and boost your immune system. When it comes to this actual virus and it’s origins, I have not looked into it enough. I thought it was important to share the interview above from a knowledgeable individual in this area, as mainstream media doesn’t seem to go into this type of stuff despite the fact that it does seem like important and relevant information. Furthermore, it can be confusing when such a well read academic and researcher in the field shares information, yet mainstream media simply categorizes it as a conspiracy theory.

It’s always great to look at and listen to multiple sources of information when curious about a topic, especially when we are hit so hard with the same thing over and over again by big media. In my opinion, just as the swine flu, this outbreak will eventually die off. Hopefully.

Be seeing you






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TICKING BOMBS Pentagon ordered to reveal to Congress if its scientists used diseased TICKS as biological weapons – and if any escaped the lab

Posted by M. C. on July 17, 2019

Not Fake, just Late

Anyone who suffers from Lyme disease has likely heard of Plum Island-which oddly enough was not mentioned in the article.

Thank your bungling government for Lyme disease.

US Military chiefs have been ordered to reveal whether they used diseased TICKS in sick biological warfare experiments.

A bill passed in the House of Representatives requires the Pentagon to investigate whether researches infected the insects in the 1970s – and if any were let loose.

It comes after a bombshell new book claims the Defence Department was behind the spread of Lyme Disease between 1950 and 1975.

Congressman Chris Smith – who added the amendment to a military spending bill – said: “We need answers and we need them now.”

The bill orders officials to “conduct a review of whether the Department of Defence experimented with ticks and other insects regarding use as a biological weapon between the years of 1950 and 1975.”

They must also reveal “whether any ticks or insects used in such experiments were released outside of any laboratory by accident or experiment design.”

Pat Smith, president of the Lyme Disease Association, added: “We need to find out: is there anything in this research that was supposedly done that can help us to find information that is germane to patient health and combating the spread of the disease.”

The Defence Authorisation Bill still needs to pass in the Senate before it can be signed by President Trump.

Be seeing you

Another Tick-Borne Disease Re-Emerges Near Plum Island Bio ...




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