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Did China Steal Coronavirus From Canada And Weaponize It? | Zero Hedge

Posted by M. C. on January 26, 2020

We shall see…maybe.

Speaking of laboratories, remember Kenema hospital being the epicenter of the ebola outbreak?

Another Plum Island?

Submitted by Great Game India


Last year a mysterious shipment was caught smuggling Coronavirus from Canada. It was traced to Chinese agents working at a Canadian lab. Subsequent investigation by GreatGameIndia linked the agents to Chinese Biological Warfare Program from where the virus is suspected to have leaked causing the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus Bioweapon – How Chinese agents stole Coronavirus from Canada and weaponized it into a Bioweapon

The Saudi SARS Sample

On June 13, 2012 a 60-year-old Saudi man was admitted to a private hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with a 7-day history of fever, cough, expectoration, and shortness of breath. He had no history of cardiopulmonary or renal disease, was receiving no long-term medications, and did not smoke.

Egyptian virologist Dr. Ali Mohamed Zaki isolated and identified a previously unknown coronavirus from his lungs. After routine diagnostics failed to identify the causative agent, Zaki contacted Ron Fouchier, a leading virologist at the Erasmus Medical Center (EMC) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for advice.

Abnormalities on Chest Imaging of the Saudi patient infected with Coronavirus. Shown are chest radiographs of the patient on the day of admission (Panel A) and 2 days later (Panel B) and computed tomography (CT) 4 days after admission (Panel C).

Fouchier sequenced the virus from a sample sent by Zaki. Fouchier used a broad-spectrum “pan-coronavirus” real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) method to test for distinguishing features of a number of known coronaviruses known to infect humans. Read the rest of this entry »

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Double Standards Are Rampant in Canada’s Drug War | Mises Wire

Posted by M. C. on July 20, 2019

On October 17, 2018, recreational marijuana was legalized in Canada, ending 95 years of prohibition. For those who believe, as I do, that individuals should have the freedom to determine their own consumption, this is good news. However, I am not congratulating Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party for making good on a campaign promise made three years earlier. Instead, I point out the inconsistency of not applying their rationale for pot legalization to the legalization of all drugs.

As for those Canadians who opposed the legalization of pot, they may have hoped that Andrew Scheer, leader of the federal Conservative Party, would be their champion if he wins the election later this year. However, Scheer also employs a double standard on this issue.

Justin Trudeau

In 2013, in reference to hundreds of thousands of criminal convictions because of marijuana, Trudeau said “Those are lives ruined.”

The Liberals 2015 campaign platform with respect to marijuana legalization stated that “too many Canadians end up with criminal records for possessing small amounts of the drug. Arresting and prosecuting these offenses is expensive for our criminal justice system. It traps too many Canadians in the criminal justice system for minor, non-violent offenses.”

In May of last year, Trudeau said “that legalization would squeeze organized crime out of the lucrative cannabis market,” and the government is focused on legalizing marijuana because “the current system hurts Canadians.” Trudeau was not exaggerating the harm done to Canadians. German Lopez at wrote that “In Canada, tens of thousands of people are arrested for marijuana offenses each year, ripping communities and families apart as people are thrown in jail or prison and gain criminal records.”

The harmful effects of Canada’s illegal drug markets mirror the effects of the drug war in the United States which has done almost nothing to curb drug addiction. Former U.S. Federal Judge Nancy Gertner said, “We were not leveling cities as we did in WWII with bombs, but with prosecution, prison, and punishment.” As Laurence Vance wrote, “The drug war is not only a failure, it is a monstrous evil that has ruined more lives than drugs themselves.”…


Sadly, the double standards of Scheer and Trudeau are matched by the behaviour of almost every politician in the country. In their pursuit of power, they seem willing to say or do whatever it takes in order to get elected, and unprincipled politicians are notorious for breaking campaign promises post-election. Trudeau broke promises. His predecessor (Harper) broke promises. They all do, at every level of government.

For those of us who consistently promote the cause of liberty, we can be thankful for the legalization of marijuana in Canada, but this does not mean we should give any credit to the government. Sometimes, we win by accident. Trudeau and the Liberals were under intense political pressure to keep that promise because they had broken so many others.

Be seeing you


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Canada’s Export Guarantee Program: More Risk for the Taxpayer | Mises Institute

Posted by M. C. on May 13, 2019

Reminds me of the Churchill quote. Never have so few owed so much to so many.

Or something like that.

Eddie Fizor

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) broadcasts select NHL games on Hockey Night in Canada. These are “free” to watch on TV or stream online. “Free” is placed in quotations because the CBC’s advertises that their content services can be streamed for “free” by the public. It is worth noting that the CBC’s annual share of revenue for 2018 was roughly 1.2 billion. Hockey fans may attempt to recuperate their tax dollars by watching as much hockey as possible.

The aforementioned gives context, but it is not the CBC which is the main focus of this article, but a commercial advertisement which is played during CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada.

The advertisement is for Export Development Canada (which is also funded by tax dollars).

A quote from the EDC website:

Our Export Guarantee Program can help your bank provide you with additional access to financing. We share the risk with your bank by providing a guarantee on the money you borrow, encouraging them to increase your access to working capital…

What happens when Export Development Canada steps in to “de-risk” the project? EDC is funded by taxpayers. This means that projects will be undertaken with someone else’s money (the tax payer). Neither the entrepreneur nor the bank will fully bear the risk involved. What if the venture turns sour? EDC explains, “we share the risk with your bank by providing a guarantee on the money you borrow.”

In the end, someone must bear the risk. So, who will it be?

If the entrepreneur utilizes his own funds, then he has a vested interest. This also would apply to a bank acting as lender. The claim that “risk doesn’t stop you,” identifies the  EDC not as “ risk experts,” but as “experts” in promoting risky ventures, underwritten with tax dollars.

Here’s the advertisement which is aired during Hockey Night in Canada:

None of the entrepreneurs in this commercial appear to be concerned with risk. This should be a reason for concern on the part of the viewer. Such ads are misleading and promote a false of reality. The bearing of risk is unavoidable in any entrepreneurial endeavor. Future is uncertain. Resources are scarce.

Man shrugs his shoulders, “30,000 brake pads NO DEPOSIT. I said, why put the brakes on now?”

Indeed, why not? Why demand a deposit for surety? If the deal goes sour, someone else is left paying for your losses. It is easy to make risky decisions when the error of your way does not return upon your own head.

Be seeing you

free lunch

Free lunch.


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Free Speech Is Dead in Canada: The Persecution of Christian Activist Bill Whatcott

Posted by M. C. on January 15, 2019

By Amy Contrada

In the past year, I witnessed two frightening assaults on free speech by a kangaroo “justice” system.  This wasn’t in some banana republic, North Korea, or China; it was in Canada.  These were gut-wrenching experiences for me.

These stories from Canada are potent warnings to the U.S.

If Congress and more states pass anti-discrimination “equality” laws giving special protection to LGBTQ identities, “hate speech” prosecutions and compelled speech will surely follow.

There can be no doubt of that, given the LGBT-driven lawsuits we have already seen against florists, bakers, and wedding photographers.  The Civil Rights Commission of Colorado has tried to compel speech from Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop.  We’re seeing numerous battles over bathroom use and forced use of silly pronouns in our mediacolleges, and public schools.  The EEOC already interprets Title VII (employment) to protect employees from “sexual orientation” discrimination.

So, we’re already on that totalitarian road; Canada is just farther along.

An Enemy of the Canadian State

The victim of Canada’s repressive “injustice” system is Bill Whatcott, a pro-family born-again Christian activist.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Yellow Vests Becoming World Wide Movement | Armstrong Economics

Posted by M. C. on January 6, 2019

Hard believe the Yellow Vest platform originated in France.

It is not hard to believe arrests were made on the basis of being anti government. The US origin was based on being anti government. How long before the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s permanently fix that?

by Martin Armstrong

The Yellow Vest Movement that began in France, is spreading. It appeared also in Belgium and it spread to Canada as well. The French arrested the leaders of the Yellow Vest Movement calling them an anti-government charging them for organizing an unauthorized protest, as authorities adopt a tougher approach to try to curb the demonstrations. During the weekend of December 15th, mimicking the Yellow Vest movement in France, protests have formed all over Canada. These are peaceful protests, unlike in France, but they have continued every weekend in various cities such as Toronto, Halifax, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Calgary etc, especially in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Barbra Streisand ‘Thinking About’ Moving to Canada If Democrats Don’t Win House

Posted by M. C. on November 2, 2018

I hear what he said now, and I have to go eat pancakes now…

I wonder what Putin makes Babs do? Slam Bon Bons?

By Melanie Arter

Streisand was asked what she would do if the Democrats don’t win the House.

“Don’t know. I’ve been thinking about, do I want to move to Canada? I don’t know. I’m just so saddened by this thing happening to our country. It’s making me fat. I hear what he said now, and I have to go eat pancakes now, and pancakes are very fattening. We make them with healthy flour, though — almond flour, coconut flour,” she said…

Be seeing you

Babs eats

Eating steak-must be thinking about Obama

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