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Hidden Epidemic: Death By Hospital – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on April 13, 2019


It is only a matter of time now……. we must read between the lines.  Public health authorities are not forthcoming about a fungal infection that has been stealthily killing people for over a decade.  There will be no safe place to run to.  Hospitals will be cordoned off.  Nurses will refuse to go to work.  Human populations will die off in large numbers, starting in areas where anti-fungal herbicides have been employed that spawn drug resistance, as an ongoing public health threat that has been hidden for too long, spreads beyond hospital walls and now cannot be reversed.  That is a predictable scenario given the following facts that have been hidden for too long.

Health authorities are not going to tell the public what is really going on.  Most hospitals are threatened with being quarantined and even shuttered if not completely avoided by a frightened public. Visitors will not be allowed to enter.  The health threat posed by a treatment-resistant fungus – Candida auris – is unprecedented.  It has a 30-60% mortality rate!

Even after massive sanitation and decontamination measures, the fungal killer that is now making news headlines could not be eradicated.  An aerosol hydrogen peroxide mist was sprayed in a hospital room; killed off all other bacteria and fungi.  Only one organism grew back – Candida auris.

We are only left to guess what health authorities and hospital administrators are hiding to save their own jobs.  The hospital industry, with its 6210 hospitals, 931,000 beds (66% occupancy), 36 million admissions, 1.7 million registered nurses, a daily census over 600,000 and $1+ trillion of insurance billings, is at risk.

Only one hospital in South America has admitted it temporarily closed down its intensive care unit over deaths induced by drug-resistant fungus.  Now another hospital in the United Kingdom has more recently come forward to say it retrospectively tabulated 70 cases of Candida auris dating back to 2015; 90-98% of patients were resistant to fluconazole, the front-line drug for this infection; 18% were resistant to amphotericin B, the anti-fungal drug of last resort; a 20% mortality rate was reported.

Forced to choose between their jobs or the lives of their patients, which choice do you think the for-profit private hospital industry, which is traded on Wall Street, will choose?

The most common reason why hospitals have difficulty detecting Candida auris is that it is not in their databases.
So they haven’t known it existed, that is, until now.

This drug-resistant fungus is sweeping the globe, but not by usual means of transmission.  This unconquerable infection has been allowed to smolder since it was first reported in 2009 in Asia, but in reality, it was probably killing off hospitalized patients long before that.  While hospital patients were dying, the fungal killer was not listed in laboratory databases so it couldn’t be classified.  It is often misidentified with other related yeasts.  A confessional published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy says: “The real burden of Candida auris is uncertain owing to a lack of availability of diagnostic methods for its identification.”  The mycologists are lost at sea.

As a chilling report published in the journal Clinical & Infectious Diseases notes, there has been a simultaneous emergence of Candida auris on different continents with the same genetic profile, which suggests it didn’t emanate from a single source and then spread…

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'Due to funding cuts, the Government has supplied us with its very own doctor!'

‘Due to funding cuts, the Government has supplied us with its very own doctor!’






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MEDICAL ALERT: Hospitals are releasing deadly superbug fungi into the open air, “colonizing” the population with dangerous pathogens that have a 41% – 88% fatality rate –

Posted by M. C. on April 10, 2019

Candida auris

And Big Pharma has no answers, no treatment and no cure. The real answer is, quite literally, sunlight. Yet the drug giants can’t patent the sun or charge royalties on it, so sunlight will never be mentioned by the establishment as the most obvious and powerful weapon for eradicating this insidious pathogen.

Natural News) Imagine a dystopian science-fiction future where hospital ventilation systems are pumping out a deadly superbug, right into the open atmosphere, where winds carry it to local communities and farms, infecting crops and foods with chemical-resistant fungal strains that have a reported 41% – 88% fatality rate in humans. And imagine the CDC knew about it, but refused to tell you which hospitals were infected. Local hospitals hid the fact that their own hospital rooms and intensive care units were being overrun with this fatal fungi, and that all the world’s epidemiological experts had no idea where the pathogen had come from or how to stop it.

But they all kept it a secret, because they didn’t want to “alarm” the public. And they sure didn’t want hospitals to be seen as hubs of superbug infections.

Well, imagine no more. This is real. It’s happening right now. And this pandemic has been silently spreading over the last four years, with virtually zero media reports, very little information from the CDC, and a coordinated cover-up by the hospitals of the western world to keep patients in the dark while they’re being infected and killed by a deadly pathogen.

This is the true story of Candida auris, a superbug fungal strain that has emerged from the widespread use of chemical fungicides in agriculture. In this extended Natural News report — initially based on a New York Times report but significantly expanded — you will learn why this silent pandemic has already invaded America’s hospitals and why it cannot be stopped using any known medical defense. It may already be too late for the planet. By abusing agricultural chemicals, humanity has given rise to a superbug that could, under the right conditions, kill a billion people and collapse the entire western medical system…

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